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Dr. Cüneyt Özek - Logo

Dr. Cüneyt Özek

Mustafa Bey Cad. Doğan Apt. Kat:1 D:1, Alsancak ,Izmir


Op.Dr. Aylin Kurt Karanlık - Logo

Op.Dr. Aylin Kurt Karanlık

Hakkı Yeten Cad Terrace Fulya Center, 1 kat 5 D 12 Fulya Şişli ,Istanbul (Europe)


3B Health Clinics - Logo

3B Health Clinics

Sevki Ozengin Street 7, Erenkoy Kadikoy ,İstanbul ,turkey


Siluet Health Services - Logo

Siluet Health Services

Şenlikköy Mah. Çatal Sk. Ada Villa No:6 Kat: 2 Florya ,Istanbul


Dr.Hakan Güney - Logo

Dr.Hakan Güney

Çamlaraltı Mah. 6012 Sok. No:18 Kat:2 Daire:4 ,Denizli


Dr. Tulunay Plastik Cerrah - Logo

Dr. Tulunay Plastik Cerrah

Kocatepe Mah, Sehit Muhtar Bey Cad. No. 6, Sumerian Apt, Floor: 1 Taksim-Beyoglu ,Istanbul


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Of Istanbul - Logo

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Of Istanbul

Nispetiye Cd, Etiler, Besiktas ,Istanbul


Prof. Dr. Tamer Koldaş Muayenehane - Logo

Prof. Dr. Tamer Koldaş Muayenehane

umeli Cad. Nur Apt. No:35 Kat:3 D:5 ,Nişantaşı


A Plus Poliklinik - Pendik - Logo

A Plus Poliklinik - Pendik

Doğu Mah. Lokman Hekim Cad. No:21 Kat:3, Pendik ,İstanbul


Estetik Akademi - Logo

Estetik Akademi

Uğur Mumcu (Köroğlu) Cad. No:71 ,Ankara


Op.Dr. Salih Mollaosmanoğlu - Logo

Op.Dr. Salih Mollaosmanoğlu

Vali Kazım Dirik Caddesi no:54 K:6, Gürel Tower Residance Çankaya ,Izmir


Prof Dr Ali Rıza Erçöçen - Logo

Prof Dr Ali Rıza Erçöçen

Ali Nihat Tarlan Cad. Ertaş Sk. No:17 ,İçerenköy


Dr. Tuncer Özalp - Logo

Dr. Tuncer Özalp

Buyukdere Cad. Cinar Ap., No: 95/2 Mecidiyekoy ,Istanbul


Dr.Duygu Aksoy - Logo

Dr.Duygu Aksoy

Yeşilbahçe Mah.Metin Kasapoğlu Cad.25-2 ,Antalya


Dr. Murat Zaim - Logo

Dr. Murat Zaim

Eroğlan Mah. M.Akif Ersoy Cad. No: 1 Kadıköy-Edremit ,Balikesir

Esthe Turkey - Logo

Esthe Turkey

Esentepe Mahallesi Büyükdere Caddesi Ecza Sokak Pol Center Plaza No:4 Kat:1, Levent ,Istanbul


Dr. Mahmut Serden Dincler - Logo

Dr. Mahmut Serden Dincler

Fenerbahçe, Dr. Faruk Ayanoğlu Cd. No:22 ,Istanbul


Plastderm - Logo


Batı Mh. Dr. Orhan Maltepe Cd. No:52 D:4, Pendik ,Istanbul


Dr. Ismail Bayram - Logo

Dr. Ismail Bayram



Dr. Cetin Duygu - Logo

Dr. Cetin Duygu

Levent mah Lale sok no:5 ,Istanbul


Plastic surgery prices; State institutions do not pay in our country as in the rest of the world. For this reason, the patient has to pay all the expenses related to the surgery he wants out of his pocket. People who have health insurance and are accustomed to the convenience of having health expenses paid by insurance and the state; Naturally, aesthetic procedures or operations are expensive.


What are the factors that determine the prices of plastic surgery?


Factors depending on the city you live in


Turkey is taking safe steps towards becoming one of the world's and Europe's favorite health centers and plastic surgery centers. This is a policy supported by the state. Centers such as Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya, especially Istanbul, come to the fore. The size, density, and living conditions of cities are among the factors that have a direct role in the increase in plastic surgery prices.


Factors related to your doctor


The experience of your doctor, his respect for his work, the results, and the care services he will offer you during and after your surgery are the most important determining factors of plastic surgery prices.


Factors related to your surgery

  • The duration of the plastic surgery, the difficulty of the surgery,

  • Postoperative hospital stay,

  • Renewal times of surgical materials used in surgery,

  • Disposable materials to be used for you in the surgery,

  • Extra training your doctor has received on this subject,

  • Corsets, bandages, dressing materials,

  • Possibility of needing intensive care

  • Lights, photography, video recording systems for the optimum operating environment 


Factors related to the hospital where your surgery will be performed


Private hospitals rent their operating rooms to outside physicians for the duration of the operation. They accept our patients, perform their examinations, and enable us to perform your surgery under the control of anesthesiologists. They provide accommodation and nurse care for you and your companion in a special room at the hospital until we discharge you. These costs are also important expenses that increase according to the facilities of the hospital. 


Average plastic surgery prices

  • Rhinoplasty surgery prices


Nose aesthetic surgery is an operation performed by both plastic surgeons and ENT specialists. If an ENT specialist performs your surgery in public or private hospitals, it indicates that there is a health problem. Thus (perhaps by charging you the difference of aesthetic surgery) you can perform your surgery for a much smaller amount. However, if a plastic surgeon performs the same surgery; In the state, your insurance company will not pay for this surgery. Also, if you want to be operated on by a private physician like me, the same thing will happen. Then again, your social security insurance will not take effect, even if we solve your respiratory problem, unfortunately. The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey ranges from $2,000 to $2,500.


Breast aesthetic surgery prices


As you know, breast aesthetic surgeries are very diverse and sometimes different techniques are required for both breasts. Therefore, after being examined by a plastic surgeon, a decision should be made about what to do.


Breast Aesthetic Surgeries;

  • Breast augmentation surgery (gaining volume to the breasts with silicone prostheses) costs around $2,260 - $2,586.

  • Breast lift surgery (It is the operation of shaping the patient's own tissue to gain breast form. Sometimes silicone breast prostheses are required to increase volume)

  • breast reduction surgery

  • Breast asymmetry surgeries (Need different approaches to both breasts)

  • Tubular breast surgeries (It is a congenital problem and it is a problem that needs silicone prosthesis and sometimes a different approach may be required.)


Other Plastic Surgery


Above, we tried to explain only the nose and breast aesthetic surgeries and partly what their pricing depends on. From facelift surgery to eyelid aesthetics, from tummy tuck surgery to surgeries such as back lifts and liposuction, there are fee plans and differences depending on the use of special devices, special materials, and factors such as corsets.