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Welcome to DHI Medical Group, a global pioneer in hair restoration since 1970.
DHI Medical Group is unique in the world of hair restoration in having created its own technique:
The Direct Method of Hair transplants.
The company’s legacy dates back to 1970 in Palo Alto in California where the first clinic was founded.

Over the past 50 years DHI Medical Group has dedicated itself to a single goal:
of innovating and delivering the best solutions in hair restoration to hair loss sufferers around the world.

Widely acclaimed by researchers, practitioners and customers as the global leader in hair restoration,
the company continues to lead innovation in the world of hair transplants through its own research and development centres,
partnerships with top global universities and a global board of advisors including the most accomplished dermatologists and scientists in the world.

Hair Transplant DHI

In 2003, DHI pioneered the procedure that is today known to the world as FUE.

While the FUE procedure improved upon the way hair was extracted, hair continued to be implanted by creating slits and holes in recipient areas, into which hair follicles were inserted using forceps.

In 2005, DHI introduced to the world the technique known as Direct Hair ImplantationTM, a new implantation protocol that reduced the stress that follicles undergo during the hair transplant process, and gave control over depth, direction and angle of implanted hair follicles leading to greater density and natural results.

Hair Transplant - extraction phase

Hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area using a specifically designed disposable tool with the diameter of 1mm or less.
The follicles are then kept at a specific temperature and in a solution that enhances their development after placement, without separating, cutting or generally handling the grafts

Hair Transplant - natural results

Full control of the depth, direction and angle of the placement of each graft, ensures 100% natural results, maximum viability and that the implanted hair will never fall out and will grow for a lifetime.


The first step concerns the design of the area that will be implanted in beard, always in collaboration with the patient, taking into account every detail and the particular characteristics of the face.
The number and type of the hair follicles required to achieve the desired density and are collected one by one from the back of the head.
At the final stage of the session, the hair follicles are implanted one by one in the generic regions.
Implanted hair follicles develop and behave as well as the rest of the beard.


The doctor thoroughly designs the eyebrow area according to the needs of the patient, and the defined symmetry.
The number of required hairs and the kind of follicle grafts required for a natural result and density are counted.
The required hair follicles are extracted from the donor area (usually the back of the head).
The extracted hair follicles are placed into eyebrow area.
The implanted hair will grow throughout a person’s lifetime.


DHI Scalp Micropigmentation is not like the process of getting tattoo, and does not use materials of permanent makeup, even though it is using the same basis.
DHI Scalp Micropigmentation is specifically designed for use on the scalp using a medical grade pigment, and is performed in such a way to offer an accurate simulation of short hair.

PRP Treatment

This restorative method involves using your own cells, and there are no risks of suffering from allergies due to the cells being rejected by your body.
As only your own blood is used for this type of treatment, there are no risks of plasma or platelet rejection when Hair PRP is used.

Hair Transplant For Women

The donor site is the area of the scalp from which hair is taken.
In Hair Transplant Center In Dubai in Dubai, unlike other operative methods, you can be your own donor.
You need to ask where your hair will come from

Hair Transplant For Women

The process only involves a small amount of discomfort, given that surgeons in Turkish Hair Transplant Center in Dubai can conduct the process in a painless way, under the effects of local anesthesia.


1) 1000 - 2500 grafts 12,000 AUD

2) 2600 - 5000 grafts 16,000 AUD


Addition cost.


Addition cost.