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GNG Hospital is a 13th floor building with more than 30 private wards. Our medical team directly participated in constructing and designing the building, prioritizing the safety and customer’s convenience. Following the safety standards of the medical laws, GNG is equipped with a private power station, central system control, and first aid system in case of any emergency.

Prior to admission, the shower system that can shake off contaminated dust, and all operating rooms have HEPA filter ventilation systems to filter and supply fresh air inside. In addition, sterilization of all medical devices provides a safe environment to prevent infection during surgery.

t GNG’s state of the art systemized facility, pre-examinations, surgery and post operative care can be done at one stop. There is no need to move clinics. Our patients can enjoy the comfortable one stop services.

For many safety reasons, GNG use the actual equipment and machines used in the university hospitals to perform close examinations.

GNG uses one of the best reservation systems to keep all our patients’ information and history

The surgery results can vary depending on how it has been managed after the operation. 1 on 1 personalized post care system gradually reduces patient’s recovery time and ensures satisfactory results.

GNG is a University Hospital Level Facility


Getting certified as a university hospital means that all the guidelines for safety (facilities & equipment) were met. GNG Hospital is a university-level medical facility approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Best Service

GNG Hospital was designed keeping in mind the advantages of both small and large medical facilities. This means that GNG Hospital has the safety standards of a university hospital while also providing detailed services just like at a small clinic. We create the safest and most comfortable medical environment for our patients.


GNG Hospital is subdivided into 8 different categories. These include: rhinoplasty (functional/cosmetic), revision rhinoplasty, facial contouring, blepharoplasty, fat grafting, facial lifting procedures, anesthesia, and the sleep clinic. Specialists in each area provide patients with informational and personally tailored 1 on 1 consultations.

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Meet GNG Hospital Doctor's

These are just a few of the leading doctors in the leading clinics for hair transplantation

Sung-Hoon Lee

Dr. Sung-Hoon Lee

Rhinoplasty Specialist

Hye-Won Lee

Dr. Hye-Won Lee

Psychiatry Specialist

Sang-Gyun Jin

Dr. Sang-Gyun Jin

Rhinoplasty Specialist

Seong-Mun Hong

Dr. Seong-Mun Hong

Rhinoplasty Specialist