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Aesthetic surgeon dr.
In 1992, Marjan Fabjan opened the first outpatient clinic for aesthetic surgery in Kranj, and five years ago a clinic was opened in the village of Kolomban near Ankaran .
o, where his wife dr.
Zora, who is an anesthesiologist, son Matic Fabjan, MD, specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, daughter Živa, MD.
and son Gašper, director of the company.
In May 2010, their third business unit opens its doors in Ljubljana with a modernly equipped operating room and state-of-the-art laser devices.
The number of cosmetic surgeries is growing every year as people become more aware and at the same time lean towards western values ​​where tidiness means a person is successful, says Dr.
Matic Fabjan.
Cosmetic surgery has become more accessible and is no longer as taboo as it was years ago.
There are still 90 percent of patients in their clinic who mostly have breast augmentation or lift, while men opt for predominantly nose corrections.
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