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A private medical facility that provides comprehensive medical services in the field of surgery, within which it also offers consultations of specialist doctors and diagnostics.
The clinic’s offer is directed to foreign patients, as have been dealing with medical tourism since 2010, and we have been offering our own clinic services since 2013.

The name of the cor-a-med clinic, i.
heart and medicine, reflects our philosophy in the approach to patient care.
Patients can count on our facility not only for the highest level medical advice, but also for attention, support and understanding.
In our centre, the doctor always devotes as much time to the patient as is necessary to know the needs and problems of patients.
The team consists of recognized and experienced professionals of various specialties.

They share one idea  – holistic approach to patient’s health.
To best support them in the treatment process, we have equipped our facility with the latest medical equipment that meets the highest European standards.
Our entire team: doctors, nurses and administrative staff follow the principle contained in the Latin sentence, “semperad meliora”, which means “to do better”, because we always strive for perfection, developing, investing in top-class equipment, and above all : carefully listening to the needs of our patients.


About Coramed Clinic

We are distinguished by a holistic approach to our patients.
This means not only interdisciplinary medical care and cooperation of specialists from various fields in the treatment process, but also the philosophy of comprehensive patient care.

We care for the mental and physical comfort of patients by ensuring the most favorable standards during treatments and convalescence.
We care for the safety of our patients by implementing strict hygiene procedures.
However, the Latin sentence “semper ad meliora”, which we refer to in various areas of activity many times, is our commitment.
It sets the direction for our actions – constant development, investments in new technologies and continuous acquisition of knowledge.
In our activities, we always strive for the greatest satisfaction and comfort of our patients.
With heart and professionalism.

In addition to professionalism and experience, we place great emphasis on communication with patients.
Cor-a-med, i.
heart and medicine, are at the heart of our contacts with patients.
Empathy, understanding and a cordial approach to the patient are values that are guided not only by doctors, but also by the medical and administrative staff of our facility.
We all believe in the principle “semper ad meliora” which in practice means that we are constantly striving to improve patient care standards.
Our specialists are not only based on experience gained so far, but are constantly developing through internships in Polish and foreign medical centres, and participation in modern courses and trainings.

Testimonials Coramed Clinic

I just read the negative reviews above and I am absolutely gobsmacked! As a FOURTH time returning patient, the only thing that I can think of why someone writes like that, is if they have been paid by a competitor! The reason I first went to Rafał Szewczyk at Coramed, was because they are NOT a selling machine like most clinics in Poland and Turkey! This is a very close knit team, working brilliantly together to give you the attention, confidence and welcome anyone could ask for! Dr Luniewska has performed a face lift, eye lid correction, lipo and a tummy tuck on me.
every single time I feel like we are coming back to visit friends and the surgery is amazing! The new clinic is beautiful and they have more state of the art equipment than you will find in the UK, the customer care is beyond what anyone could expect from a clinic.
I advise you to speak to them, Rafał Szewczyk, Anna CoramedClinic will give you honest opinions! Not a sales pitch where you are treated like a number! I will be more than happy to personally talk to anyone who is thinking about booking here:)


I really loved my choice! I had excess skin/stretch mark removal over my arms.
After years of research, I finally chose Coramed for my surgery.
The surgery was done by the amazing and down to earth Dr Aleksandra Luniewska.
I had carried out considerable amount of research prior to my surgery.
I chose Coramed because of their professionalism and the great reviews i’ve received about the clinic.
From the moment I contacted Anna to the consultation, I knew that I came to the perfect clinic for my surgery.
The staff are amazing! Anna and Kinga are very kind and very caring! The taxi driver Marios is fantastic and very helpful.
The clinic is spotless and beautiful!The cost was awesome compared to prices here in Sweden.
It’s been only 2 weeks and my scars are almost healed and no sign of keloid and i’m dark skinned (for reference).
I cannot recommend Coramed enough! Coramed is not the first clinic i’ve been to in Poland, but it’s simply the best! I’m already planning for more treatments with this clinic.
Thank you Dr Luniewska and your brilliant team! Job well done!

Rank : 4.9

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