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Folliculer Unit Extraction (FUE), the last hair implant technique applied in the world and in Turkey, is a hair implant technique that allows us to obtain natural results in hair transplantation.

FUE donor is a technique of picking the hair follicles one by one with the aid of micromotors.

Unlike the FUT method, in this method, the follicular units (grafts) are directly removed from the deep root level by means of special punches and micro-motors, which are the latest technological innovations.

In FUE, donor patches are not used, stitches are not inserted and there is no visible trail in the area where the roots are taken, it removes the problem of hairlessness without detaining it from daily life.

Folliculer Unite Extraction (FUE), the last hair implant technique applied in the world and in Turkey, is to pick up the healthy hair follicles in the donor area one by one with the help of micromotor and transfer to diluted or completely spilled region.
Haircareturkey Clinic Hair Surgery One of the most important points of our Center is to ensure that the most natural results are achieved when this procedure is performed.
In this method, the donor is not used in the scalpel, no stitches are left and there are no traces left.

In our center, we can plant up to 7000 Grafts, ie 21,000 hair follicles.
But the important thing is not the high number of grafts but the number of grafts required for that patient, the thickness of the hair and the donation area.
3500-4000 grafts in some cases 6000 grafts can provide much better results than a planted graft when suffering from difficulties.

HAIR CARE TURKEY CLINIC Our hair loss center is working towards the right patient and understanding the natural outcome.

With Fue There are three key points in hair transplantation.
If the procedure is done without damaging the roots, the result should be natural and must be done by the doctor in healthy conditions.
Because hair transplantation results are permanent.

Advantages of FUE Technique
In the FUE technique, after the hair starts to grow out, the person can cut the hair in the desired length.
No field operation records are found in Ensede.

The FUE technique should be preferred in order to clear the gap in regional spills.

FUE technique has no sign of stitching, so there is a faster recovery process.

It is the technique which is suitable for burn and scarring.

Beard, mustache, eyebrow and eyelash planting is used successfully.

It is a technique that has been successfully used to close the operation traces of people who had previously had hair removed with the FUT technique.

When the number of roots to be taken from the nape section of a person is required by the FUE technique, the number of roots to be added can be increased by taking the chest and leg hairs with the same technique.

The issues that the patient should take care of after Hair Extinction:
If so, the doctor tells you when to start your medication before the operation.

• On the first day the operation site is under the bandage to avoid microbes.

• The bandage is also removed with the first dressing the next day.

• The first wash is usually done on the 3rd plantation center and the next wash is described.

• First 1 week to protect from outside contacts, to stay in contact with the region, not to scratch the region.

• The area heals within 10 days.

• Avoid swimming, sea and excessive sunlight for 2-4 weeks.

• In the first month, a part of the hair on the first roots is poured, it is a natural process.

• The hair that starts to appear after 2-3 will start to be normal after 6 months.
It will take longer for some regions to have hair.

Hair Transplant Package

1- Airport transfers (plane tickets not included).

2- Two nights accommodation in a 4 star hotel (Breakfast included).

3- The Micro FUE Hair Transplant intervention (including all hospital fees)
4- All the necessary blood tests (including Hepatit B, C and HIV (Aids)).

5- PRP treatment (treatment by Plasma),
6- All the necessary postoperation medicines and shampoo, lotion, air pillow,head band and a hat.

• 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation (4*Star- Holiday Inn Kadiköy Hotels) (Bed + Breakfast)
• All transfers airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, hotel-airport
Other (Post-operative Use)- Smile Bag

• Head Band
• Hat
• Neck Pillow
• 1 Shampoo + 1 Foam Sprey
• Medicines; Antibiotics , Painkiller,Ointment,Anti-swelling

Free Transfer
Airport Transfers
English and Arabic speaking guide (available in other languages as well)
24 hours services

Total Price : 1500EUR




The face is considered the window to the outside world, it affects directly your social life.

Nose, lips,eyebrows and all the other elements in your face when combined together they form a beautiful and wonderful exterior.
Especially in women when eyebrows are dense and look great, it adds a lot of facial expressions and aesthetic appearance.
Therefore, everyone would like to hav thick and beautiful eyebrows.
But sometime the eyebrows are light since birth or fall over time because of many different reasons.
Some cases are genetic, some are caused by burns or surgeries and others are due to illness.
This is why Eyebrow Transplant is done to give a great aesthetic density and shape.

Eyebrow Transplant has become very famous in recent years in Turkey, using the latest techniques.
As with Hair Transplant, eyebrow implant make people look great while ensuring the ultimate solution to eyebrow loss and lasting through life.



The most important key to the masculine appearance is the thick beard that gives a sense of self-confidence.
Beard is a social symbol for men, they express themselves in its different forms.
Falling beards or the none grown beards affects the men social life.
Genetic factors, various diseases or accidents and wounds can cause beard loss or voids.
Beard Transplant is the most effective solution to eliminate these problems.

Beard Transplant is the same as Hair Transplant, the follicles are taken from another part of the body.
Under local anesthesia, Beard Transplant is a painless process and it allows you to get a natural and aesthetic appearance.
This procedure, which gives successful results for people who do not have a beard, is performed by expert doctors and staff.
As in Hair Transplant procedure, Turkey is on the list of the best countries to make it, thanks to the latest technologies.



Hair loss in not a problem that only affects men.
Statistically 1 in every 5 women may experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

Psychological effects of hair loss in women may be more drastic due to social norms and society’s perception of women.
And since an average woman is more perceptive of their own appearance compared to an average man, the importance of achieving a permanent solution becomes even more important.



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