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Dr. Akanxa Bhatti started her own new venture, 5 Rivers Hair Transplant Clinic, in the same building (5 Rivers Hospital) that our family owns. Whereas Darling Buds Clinic is on the 3rd floor, this new Clinic will be on the ground level and will be functional on Jan 1, 2019. She has decided to go into the larger and more financially rewarding low-cost hair transplant market in India. She will be doing the procedure herself only in selected cases which is a norm for the low-cost Indian market. The Clinic aims to do around 3 hair transplants in a day and will be staffed with 2 other doctors and handpicked nursing and technician staff. The staff is trained at Darling Buds Clinic. Dr. Akanxa Bhatti has been attending Various hair transplant Meetings & Workshops in India and abroad since the past one year.

About Hospital

5 Rivers and Darling Buds is now part of a bigger and more ambitious project the ‘Five Rivers Hair Hospital’ in New Mohali. This is located near the Chandigarh airport. It also houses Amulya Labs a state of the art Lab run by a well knownClinical Pathologist. The Lab is currently doing path-breaking research in cell biology as applicable to hair growth including Stem cell and PRP therapies. In today’s professional and legal milieu it is not possible to meet requirements of the Clinical Establishment Act by running a medical center in a shop environment or a one room establishment like 99% hair transplant clinics in India and many other countries too. To provide patient safety, a full time competent back-up team of anesthetists and physicians, lab support, critical care support and disabled friendly environment is a must. Fire safety, Biomedical Waste disposal and treatment of medical effluent through sewerage and efluent treatment are very important for the safety of the environment and the neighbouring dwellings and establishments. Medical waste and effluent can be life threatening and as responsible citizens of society it is our duty to have a safe disposal system. This cannot be accomplished in small establishments where there is paucity of space. We also have a green building that conserves energy and saves water through water harvesting. This effort is in keeping with the best international standards since our competitors in the field of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery in the West have established a high benchmark for us to emulate and our clients are a choosy lot in this regard.

Hair Transplant

As per a survey report of American Hair Loss Association, around 2/3rdmen start losing hair by the age of 35. Moreover, around 85% of men crossing the age of 50 suffer from severe hair thinning isuues. This problem is not confined to men only; 40% of hair loss victims are women. They are likely to develop pattern hair loss as they near 50 around menopause. It is unfortunate that 3% of children have hair loss issues like bald spots and thinning.We increasingly see in India and also our studies have thatlate teens are also suffering from androgenetic baldness which is a concern socially and emotionally as well. Recently, astudy regarding hair fall conducted in Chennai among males between 18-50 years of age revealed some vital facts. As per a survey, baldness remained one of the main stated problems of the city’s male population with 50.4% suffering from androgenetic alopecia. If that were not enough, 60.4% of Chennai population reported to have hair fall. 59% resorted to medications and creams as treatment to combat their hair loss. Likewise, 55.5% preferred hair transplantation as the best option to get over with this problem. Indeed, the latter alternate is the most preferred today and we will discuss this later, but before that let’s scrutinize the reasons behind hair fall.

  • FUE Technique
  • Female Hair Transplant
  • PRP Treatment



50 cents (INR 35) for 3000 and above scalp grafts
75 cents (INR 50) for less than 2000-3000 scalp grafts
90 cents (INR 65) for less than 2000 scalp grafts.

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