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Kowit Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Phuket - Kata

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Kowit Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Phuket - Patong

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I Baby Face Clinic

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Meko Clinic - Chatuchak

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Inz Eyelid Surgery Clinic

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Lovely Eye And Skin Clinic

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F Clinic - Mall Grand 5

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Dr. Ustad Bismillah Khan

128/4 ถ.พัฒนาการคูขวาง ,Nakhon Si Thammarat


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Thana Plastic Surgery Clinic

62/8-9 ม.เซ็นทรัลปาร์ค ถ ,Nakhon Si Thammarat


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The Glamour Clinic

Soi Udom, Ban Lueam ,Udon Thani


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Marichche Clinic

Mario Lecce Clinic 58/75 Moo. 3, Salts canal. Oral Platelet ,Nonthaburi


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The Clinic Lyrics

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Kowit Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Phuket - Bang Tao

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Siri Wellness Center

Ground Floor, 26 JC Kevin Tower, Narathiwat (Soi 6-8), Sathorn ,Bangkok ,Thailand


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Sdawat Plastic Surgery Mali Leigh

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Jw Clinic

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Bangkok Liposuction

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Dr. Joe Clinic

145 Nipatsongkrew 2 rd. ,Hatyai Songkhla ,Songkhla


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Surgery Expert Thailand

414/287 Pracharatbumpen 20 Hui khwang ,Bangkok


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Star Clinic - Siam Square

422/7 Rama 1 Road Siam Square Soi 11, Wattana ,Bangkok


In the age of social networks and the permanent exhibition of private life, the image we send back has never been so important. This phenomenon of overexposure, which is not without consequences, does not spare young people who are even more subject to this invisible but strong pressure. 


They are thus always more likely to be complexed by their physical appearance and in particular their nose. Results? Candidates for cosmetic surgery are increasingly resorting to rhinoplasty. With this in mind, discover the right questions to ask yourself and the right actions to adopt when you are young and want to do a rhinoplasty. Thanks to our short guide to rhinoplasty when you're young, you can benefit from your cosmetic surgery with complete peace of mind. 


If the attraction of novelty can always be tempting, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, you should not limit yourself to the latter. Indeed, conventional cosmetic surgery operations are also very effective and offer safe results. Thus, in terms of facial surgery, there are three benchmark interventions to restore youthfulness to the face. We invite you to discover them in order to find the cosmetic surgery intervention that will best meet your needs and constraints. 


Blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the face 


The blepharoplasty, which is eye surgery, is one of the most effective facial surgeries. Indeed, this intervention is the one that offers the best results over time. Thus, during a blepharoplasty, all signs of fatigue and old age affecting the beauty of the gaze are corrected. Puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, or even sagging skin that gives a drooping effect to the eyelid: nothing can resist blepharoplasty. 


In addition, depending on their needs, the patient can choose to have upper eyelid blepharoplasty, lower eyelid surgery, or both. Thanks to this proven operation, the eyes regain all their youth and are totally transformed. All the signs that affect the beauty of the eyes are permanently eliminated, allowing the patient to stay on top for a long time. It is the benchmark for cosmetic surgery operations aimed at restoring youthfulness to the face. 


Cervico-facial lifting to correct sagging skin 


Over time, the skin of the face becomes prone to sagging skin. This has the effect of altering the oval of the face and creating folds of bitterness or jowls that are not very glamorous. To find a face with a toned and smooth appearance, the cervicofacial lifting has established itself, over the decades, as the benchmark intervention. Indeed, the latter makes it possible to tighten the skin of the face and the neck and thus to restore the oval of the face. Thanks to a cervicofacial lift, patients visually gain ten years without having to fear that their facial features or expression will be altered. For the neck and lower face, no cosmetic surgery has so far been more effective than cervicofacial lifting. 


Aesthetic injections 


Less effective than cosmetic surgery, due to their resorbability, cosmetic injections nonetheless remain a solution of choice for treating signs of old age. The cosmetic injections, such as botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, are thus ideal for filling wrinkles and restoring youthfulness to the face. 


However, since these must be renewed every six months, it is preferable to consider a facial lipofilling if deep wrinkles and hollows have set in. Indeed, in the long term, the results of the latter will be better and the cost lower. On the other hand, for younger patients, cosmetic injections embody a good first approach to cosmetic surgery, especially since they are easy to perform during a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon and do not involve any postoperative stress.   


The right questions to ask yourself before a rhinoplasty when you are young 


It is well known that patience is not the preserve of young people. Indeed, when you are young, you are carried by the ardor of age and you are not inclined to be patient when you are motivated by a desire. 


However, in cosmetic surgery, reflection is an integral part of the process because an intervention must be carefully considered. So, when you are young, before launching all fire in rhinoplasty, it is essential to wonder about certain points which will make it possible to determine if rhinoplasty is indeed the indicated solution.


Nose surgery: Why do I want to have rhinoplasty? 


A rhinoplasty  aims to reshape the nose to give it an aesthetic appearance and in harmony with the rest of the face so that the patient feels comfortable with their reflection. However, a nose surgery operation is by nature definitive. It is therefore essential to be certain of your decision before taking the plunge. The motivations that can lead to wanting to perform a rhinoplasty are also numerous and are not all good. It is therefore essential to question the reasons for such a project. Why do I want to have a rhinoplasty? If the answer is that you've never accepted your nose for almost all of your life, then go for it. 


Do not wait any longer if you wish to benefit from rhinoplasty to correct an anomaly that appeared following trauma or if you are also having breathing difficulties linked to a deviation of the nasal septum. On the other hand, if you want to benefit from rhinoplasty only because you have the feeling that others do not like your nose or that you are being judged by it, then take the time to think carefully. Indeed, a rhinoplasty, like any cosmetic surgery intervention, is an intervention that one does for oneself, not for others. Before you decide, you must therefore be convinced that it is you who does not like your nose and not X or Y.


Nose surgery: Is my perception of my nose correct? 


Particularly when you are young, it is important to make sure that the nose is the source of the complexes and not the perception that we have of it. Indeed, in young adults, it is quite common to suffer from dysmorphophobia. It is therefore essential to validate with the cosmetic surgeon that the defect identified is very real. 


Otherwise, before considering a rhinoplasty, it is imperative to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist who can accompany the patient to help him treat this disorder. Indeed, rhinoplasty is not a solution for a patient suffering from dysmorphophobia because even after the operation, the latter would continue to suffer from the appearance of his nose. And for good reason, in these circumstances, the discomfort generated by the nose is not based on objective but subjective (psychological) criteria.


Plastic Surgery Cost In Thailand

  • Breast Lift + Augmentation: $9,048 

  • Breast Revision: $6,190 

  • Tummy Tuck (Full): $7,143 

  • Mummy Makeover (Breast Augmentation + Tummy Tuck): $14,762