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Plastic Surgery In Hungary



Among the parts of the body that most express femininity there is beyond any doubt the breast. It is the very symbol of motherhood, since it is the organ through which newborns get nourishment from their mother. The breast is therefore a distinctive element and inextricably linked to being a woman. It is a part of the body that is subject to great changes in the various stages of life.


With growth and during the development phase it tends to appear more and more pronounced due to the effect of the hormones that determine the enlargement of the mammary gland. Professionals in Hungary suggests that events such as pregnancy and possible natural breastfeeding lead to an initial enlargement (often the volume of the breast doubles or triples) and subsequently, a consequent emptying. Weight gain also changes the volume of your breasts.


It is quite intuitive that a part of the body so stressed by the succession of events must necessarily lose its initial shape and tone. The breast is perceived by women (and also by men) as an element of beauty and sensuality. The passage of time unfortunately puts it to the test, making it sagging, empty and unsightly. Sometimes even marked by stretch marks.


Cosmetic surgery offers a number of truly effective solutions when it comes to breasts. Whether it is sagging, asymmetrical or only of dimensions not in line with one's desires, today it is possible to intervene with various techniques, each one suitable for the specific case. Mastopexy is an operation that repositions and reshapes breasts that are very saggy or that, following breastfeeding or weight loss, appear empty and with excess skin. Breast augmentation, on the other hand, makes the breasts look more plump and fuller. The use of ever-increasing quality prostheses has made this surgery the most requested of all.




Among the most requested interventions in cosmetic surgery in Hungary, the lion's share are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction and abdominoplasty. Every detail of the face or body, however, can be worthy of attention, especially if its lack or disproportion compromises the harmony of the whole. It therefore seems appropriate to mention the chin as one of those parts of the face which, if well in line with everything else, can increase the value of the appearance.


The chin can be excessively protruding or lacking, receding. What suffers most is the profile of the individual: a witch's chin if it protrudes to a point, or a lack of incisiveness and personality where there is little prominence or structure. While women are more likely to get rid of a bulky chin, men want a solid and prominent chin. In both cases it is possible to intervene in a rather satisfactory way. In the first case it is necessary to undergo a retraction genioplasty or bone reduction by smoothing. It is an irreversible and therefore decisive intervention.


If, on the contrary, it is necessary to intervene in the sense of an increase in volume, cosmetic surgery offers a fast and minimally invasive tool that can give really satisfactory results. It is the use of fillers , or fillers compatible with the body that balance the proportions where necessary. The substances used today meet the criteria of biocompatibility and very high tolerance. We are talking about hyaluronic acid, a substance present in the body and even autologous material (cells taken from the patient himself). Being a bio-compatible material, the body absorbs it over time, nullifying the filling effect. It is possible and often necessary to repeat the treatment after months.


In both cases, however, modern procedures make it possible to have a really easy and quick post-operative course. General anesthesia is rarely required, which minimizes any risk of complications.




Since its inception, cosmetic surgery in Hungary has established itself above all in the female field. The symbolic intervention of this branch of surgery has always been breast augmentation or the increase in the volume of the breast by one or more sizes. In the 90s the fashion of the breasts to Pamela Anderson, protagonist of the well-known Bay Watch series, went crazy. Images of her have traveled around the world, affecting not only men but also many women. In fact, many have requested a breast augmentation, sometimes exaggerating.


But you know, fashions and tastes change. Today, although breast augmentation is still establishing itself as the most performed surgery, the trend is to shape the breasts following criteria of greater sobriety and elegance. Smaller breasts, therefore, and of a more natural shape.


It wasn't just taste that evolved. The surgical techniques, but above all the quality and variety of the materials today really allow to obtain incredibly natural results. Prostheses made with materials that are increasingly safe and compatible with the body, but also of different shapes to better adapt to every single need.


Breast augmentation surgery is performed in a short time and provides for a very rapid post-operative recovery. A preliminary visit in Hungary is necessary so that the surgeon can evaluate with the patient the extent of the volume increase to be made. In fact, it is advisable to take into consideration a series of physical parameters such as height, projection of the buttocks, shoulder width and body size in general.


Breast augmentation surgery plays a key role in breast reconstruction following trauma or removal of breast tumors. The breast is an essential element of femininity and if suddenly, due to external events, one should find oneself modified or mutilated, the physical discomfort would also become emotional.




Cost of Plastic Surgery will cost you around 20000 USD for breast augmentation