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Plastic Surgery In Greece

Plastic Surgery in Greece


The cost of plastic surgery varies depending on the type of procedure, the variety of surgery, the cost of materials (if needed), the type of anesthesia applied (if needed), the cost of surgery, the cost of the clinic.


There are plastic surgery procedures performed in a doctor's office e.g. procedures that require laser application and others in which injectable materials are used (eg botox, hyaluronic, polylactic acid), and others in a private clinic (eg rhinoplasty,  breast augmentation,  liposuction). Procedures that are burdened with the use of materials (eg silicone implants, hyaluronic acid) or others for which there is no such charge (eg fat implants,  abdominoplasty, etc.). Procedures were performed with local and others with general anesthesia.


In particular, the cost of the clinic varies depending on the clinic (each clinic has a different cost-invoice, depending on its name, the room you choose, the marketing plan that follows, the luxury it offers, etc.). Of course, in case the procedure does not have to be done on the premises of a clinic and in the doctor's office, then the charge is significantly reduced. Besides, the clinics show a difference in their pricing policy depending on the city of Greece where they operate like (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Crete, Rethymno, Corfu, Ioannina, Tripoli).


New Nose, New Job


Rhinoplasty is without a doubt the queen of cosmetic surgery, as it is something that concerns men and women alike. Otolaryngologist surgeon, specialized in rhinoplasty and otoplasty and head of the surgical team of the Exelixis Medical Institute, observes that, despite the crisis, "in recent years there is an increasing need to improve one's appearance and to exorcise the misery of the time by making up the mood, but at the same time, because he believes that a better appearance can be a passport either to find a job more easily or to advance in his already existing professional space. "Some patients clearly admit this, others let it be understood."


While, therefore, due to a crisis “a percentage of patients of the order of 30% may have been removed, this gap is filled by those who are psychologically lousy or looking for a job and, before finding it, decide to invest in their appearance some money they had put aside". And somewhere here the hard bargains begin to determine the price of surgery: "In the good old days, rhinoplasty was a luxury operation and no one bothered to ask the price anxiously. Everyone is starting and pushing to reduce costs, the bargain is very typical. "While in the past the patient's main anxiety was whether the result of the operation would turn out well, now all the interest has shifted to the financial issue".


This just spurred him on to mention some indicative prices rhinoplasty. We now mention that such an operation can start from 2,200 euros and the visit during which it will be discussed and decided exactly what changes will be made to the nose amounts to 70 euros. Of course, this is not a fixed price, but an indicative price, so that everyone interested gets a first idea of ​​the cost ".


And because very often "Greek women often lose the forest by spending their money left and right, the most stable customers, even in the crisis, prove to be men, who are by nature more careful with their finances. The Greeks do not have such a good nose, but while in other tribes, such as the Jewish one, the nose is admittedly much worse, patients do not operate on it as often. It's a matter of mentality."


With breast difference


Phalloplasty, of course, is taboo in Greece. Seven out of ten Greeks may discuss it and five out of ten may think seriously about daring it, even if they do, but they will not go out and shout it, which is why patients who go to the surgeon recommended by someone who did penis enlargement. In contrast, in the female universe, such taboos have been broken for many years: women who have had breast augmentation are mobile advertisements for their doctors.


It is estimated that in Greece around 15,000-20,000 surgeries are performed per year, a very high number in relation to the population ". Something similar happens in Brazil: "Brazilians do a lot of surgeries on their bodies. They may not have anything to eat, but their breasts and buttocks will definitely improve. "


Who needs attention in plastic surgery in terms of cost?


What does the price mentioned by the plastic surgeon include? Specify if it includes, in addition to his fee, the other charges, such as anesthesiologist fee, clinic cost (for how many days), cost of materials (implants, hyaluronic acid, Botox, corsets, etc.).


What materials will be used?


Special care is needed in this area, as the pressure for a "better price" leads some plastic surgeons, who are interested in ephemeral profit, to use materials of dubious quality and origin, even from unapproved companies from China, Korea, etc. a. It is an unpleasant phenomenon, which is increasingly observed lately in injectable materials, in implants (eg silicone breast augmentation implants, of a specific French company), or in the use of an IPL machine for hair removal instead of a real laser.