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Plastic Surgery In Germany

Plastic Surgery in Germany


Each treatment is an individual procedure that is precisely tailored to your needs, your wishes, and your requirements. From wrinkle injections to body lifts.


There is no general answer to how expensive - or how cheap - cosmetic surgery will be. The prices for procedures in plastic surgery depend on the treatment effort and thus on a large number of different factors.


Above all, this includes the duration of the procedure (the more complex, the higher the costs), the type of anesthesia (local anesthesia, twilight sleep, general anesthesia) or the length of the inpatient stay in the clinic.


With every treatment in plastic surgery, the PREMIUM doctors not only take into account the individual wishes of the patient. You must also include knowledge about different starting conditions such as age, general well-being, possible diseases, allergies, and intolerances as well as numerous other factors in your approach.




PREMIUM doctors are aware of the great responsibility they have towards their patients. You use high-quality material and the best materials that have proven themselves in practice. These costs are included in the prices.


The services of the PREMIUM doctors are based on a high level of medical competence and extensive experience. Sustainable treatment success and satisfied patients with a high level of quality of life are the top priority.


The following price examples for cosmetic surgery are reference values ​​that can vary upwards and downwards. You will receive the detailed and binding cost statement for an individual treatment after a detailed consultation with your PREMIUM doctor.




Why are the prices low in Germany at some places?


Breast augmentation with silicone gel implants now costs between €5,200 and €6,500 at an experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Germany. The decisive factors for the pricing are primarily the costs of the implants used, the hospital standard with regard to the air quality in the operating room, and the complexity of the surgical procedure. Of course, there are also differences between the individual fees of anesthetists and plastic surgeons.


The aim was to offer financially disadvantaged patients an inexpensive alternative in Germany, where only costs are saved, but the high-quality standard remains the same. Patients should be spared the risk of going to neighboring countries. The motto was high medical standards and German legal certainty for affordable cosmetic surgery in Germany! Right from the start.


Medical tourism for cosmetic surgery was quickly superfluous. An annually increasing number of customers is proof of the correctness of this extremely fair calculation. 


What are the most popular operating theaters?


More and more people are trying to get closer to their ideal body through cosmetic surgery and to remove the first traces of aging. Today one's own body has become the most important status symbol. In the US, cosmetic surgery is already the fastest-growing medical field. In Germany, too, around a million people undergo cosmetic surgery every year, and the costs are enormous because of the high prices.


Plastic surgery offers include plastic operations and corrections to the head and face, chest, and other parts of the body. The majority of plastic operations are performed on the head and face.


Breast surgery is also an important area. There are also corrections to other areas of the body such as the abdomen, the arms, the buttocks, and the legs. Another area of ​​plastic aesthetic surgery is skin treatments