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Plastic Surgery In France

Plastic Surgery in France 


Recent studies give a fairly precise idea of ​​the weight of cosmetic surgery as well as the motivations and expectations of patients in France.


How many operations in France?

The number of cosmetic surgery operations performed was 511.00 in 2010. France ranks far behind the United States (3.3 million operations annually) or Brazil (2.5 million operations annually). However, compared to the number of inhabitants, France's score is very high and it continues to improve from year to year.


In 2013, in the world, acts of medicine represented 80% and those of surgery only 20%.


The most popular interventions in the world


During the past 10 years, breast augmentation was the most common operation. The global survey of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) dating from 2010 and updated in 2013 reveals that, now, liposuction is leading (18.8%), followed by breast augmentation (17%) and blepharoplasty (13.5%). Then there is rhinoplasty (9.4%) and finally abdominoplasty (7.3%).


The latest study carried out in 2013 by the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) confirms these results. In the surgical field, the two most performed interventions, in Europe and in the world, are liposuction and breast augmentation by the prosthesis. The surprise comes from the breakthrough of lipofilling (reinjection of one's own fat) which is enjoying increasing popularity.


The interventions that the French dream of


In France in 2010, according to a Harris Interactive poll, 87% of women said they would like to change part of their body or face if they could. In the first place the belly (64%), then the thighs (50%), the buttocks (38%), and the breasts (37%).


According to a survey carried out by Opinion way for the Clinique des Champs Elysees in 2014, 40% of French people are considering medical or cosmetic surgery.


In women

  • 36% of women prefer laser hair removal to permanently remove unwanted hair on the legs, armpits, and bikini area.

  • 19% want to do liposuction to erase the effects of pregnancy, find a flat stomach, remove stretch marks and reduce cellulite.

  • 17% plan to use injections or even cervicofacial lifting to reduce facial wrinkles (forehead, crow's feet).

  • 15% are interested in interventions related to the skin (depigmentation, spots) to remove spots, 14% by those associated with eyelids and dark circles, and 11% to reshape the cheekbones and fill the hollows of the face.

  • Only 5% of respondents believe that they should redo their noses.


At Men's

  • In 10 years, men interested in cosmetic procedures have gone from 5% to 15% of users.

  • 13% are determined to permanently get rid of unwanted hair with laser hair removal.

  • 9% are tempted by liposuction of love handles or the stomach as well as by hair transplantation to hide their baldness.

  • 6% want to treat their wrinkles and are even ready to consider a facelift.

  • 6% are not against doing a rhinoplasty to lengthen or thicken it.


Demand is increasing, but above all, it is more and more precise. The techniques have come to such a degree of sophistication that they give the impression that anything is possible. It is therefore also because there has been considerable progress that the demand continues to grow and many patients seek and find in cosmetic surgery the effective and lasting correction they expect.


The craze for surgery is growing among younger people. It is estimated that 63% of 15-24-year-olds want to change something in their appearance. Young people have a fairly consumerist approach and consider their bodies as an object that they transform according to their wishes. It is with this population that the influence of the Internet and the media is the most important and some stars manage to influence the imagination of the perfect body.


Surgery is less and less taboo


According to a poll conducted for 20 Minutes in 2014, 8% of French people admit having already had recourse to medicine or surgery. 18.3% assume a redesigned nose, 11% a reshaped stomach, 8.4% thigh liposuction, 4.3% of the buttocks, and 4.1% a breast augmentation. But in fact, liposuction remains the most performed operation, before breast augmentation.


40.8% wish to "beautify their physical appearance", 21.9% "to hide certain imperfections that have appeared during their life" and 13.7% simply "to rejuvenate".