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The treatment with Botox is now among the most popular anti-aging solutions in recent years, also considered as a valid alternative to a face lifting operation in Egypt.


However, the lack of information on the substance often pushes some subjects to avoid resorting to treatment, too convinced that Botox freezes emotions.


In reality, what many do not know is that the optimal results of the treatment are directly linked to the role of the aesthetic doctor, his skills and experience in the sector. In fact, it is essential that the botulinum infiltrations are carried out in the right places to obtain a toned and naturally beautiful appearance.


In fact, botulinum toxin in itself is a drug that is carefully subjected to specific controls that when injected correctly and cautiously, in the right points of the face, allows you to safely give a new freshness to the face and an appearance free of imperfections.


The lifting effect produced by the substance is directly connected to its ability to inhibit the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which reduces the contractile potential of the muscles of the face.


In its anti-aging function, Botox gives excellent results to mitigate the signs of aging such as the most common wrinkles of the upper third of the face, the frontal, vertical ones present between the eyebrows and around the eyes.


The infiltration takes place through small-caliber needles arranged in strategic points of the face according to the areas of interest and based on the desired result.


To evaluate the results of the treatment with Botox, it will then be necessary to wait about 3 days, sufficient time for the substance to act and give a new compact and youthful appearance.


In many cases, after a first Botox session, patients are so satisfied with the results that they do not give up on new aesthetic sessions over the years.


However, although the treatment ensures natural results, for a good result you should never overdo the infiltrations.




In the world of entertainment the famous and unnatural "dinghy lips" are nothing new. However, precisely because of their shape and bulky as well as disharmonious aesthetics, there are many VIPs who after some time, regretting the mistake made, perhaps turning to an unprofessional doctor, have decided to say goodbye to those lips.


In most cases in Egypt, the irregular and unnatural appearance of these lips is in fact linked to the use of liquid silicone-based fillers which pose many risks for the patient's health. The consequences of using this substance can occur even after years, compromising the beauty of the lips and changing the general appearance of the face.


To eliminate the silicone and return to having perfect lips, it is possible to undergo a specific surgery that can be performed safely in day surgery and under local anesthesia with sedation.


Through a small incision made inside the lip, the surgeon can proceed to remove the substance and the part of the underlying tissue that is now damaged. Once this procedure has been completed, it is essential to guarantee and restore the shape of the lips whose irregularity is given by a consequential tissue expansion of the mucosa caused by the silicone.


There are several techniques in this case, which can be used, carefully illustrated by the surgeon in the pre-treatment phase after an accurate assessment of the patient's condition. The series of operations that will guarantee recovery of the beauty and harmony of the lips are contained in cheiloplasty surgery.




Common and well known as "double chin", this aesthetic problem is related to the loss of tone of the tissues due to aging or even a noticeable weight gain or loss. It is in fact an evident adipose accumulation located just below the chin which is often concomitant to an evident excess of skin as well as to the relaxation of the neck muscle.


Facial gymnastics exercises are often used to prevent and try to reduce the size of the double chin, but this solution is poor ineffective, especially when the imperfection has persisted for some time. To eliminate it definitively, the only infallible effective, and safe remedy is cosmetic surgery.


The intervention that can be used to correct the chin is first of all closely linked to the problem that caused its appearance. If the tissue component is in fact mainly fat, the surgical solution is liposuction and the purpose of the operation will be the elimination of excess adipose tissue using suction techniques with special machinery. A cannula of variable dimensions is inserted under the skin through an incision and once activated, it loosens and sucks the fat that causes the double chin.


If, on the other hand, the main problem of the imperfection of the chin is an excess of skin, the ideal surgical solution is the lifting which, through retro-auricular incisions, allows you to stretch and remove a part of the excess skin tissue.


Finally, if the problem is connected to a relaxation of the platysma muscle, it is possible to intervene by resorting to infiltrations of medical botulinum or even, more definitively, surgically, with the suture between the bands or an interruption of the same.


There is no shortage of cases in which the various operations listed above are associated to eliminate the double chin.




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