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Plastic Surgery In Cyprus

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Plastic Surgery In Cyprus


Not many know that there is also cosmetic surgery of the lobes, created to repair damage caused by trauma or particularly heavy earrings.


These jewels, which have always been a symbol of vanity and charm for women, have the function of illuminating a face and embellishing it with different shapes and colors as if to create a frame for the gaze, but sometimes they reach a considerable weight for the poor. ears which, in the long run, can cause a real laceration.


It also happens that those who wear voluminous earrings become entangled in a dress or other obstacle, causing a fissuring of the lobes, which can be partial, i.e. when only the elongation of the window, i.e. of the hole, occurs, or complete, when it causes a division of the lobe itself.


The lobe is the part of the ear most prone to tearing, also because it consists only of skin and fat and not of cartilage and for its reconstruction one cannot ignore surgery.


Aesthetic surgery in Cyprus of the lobes is not an invasive procedure and is performed in an outpatient clinic under local anesthesia, but it is an operation that requires a specialist skilled in working in particular the soft tissues and the skin, therefore a plastic surgeon.


The reconstruction of the lobes consists in initially removing the layer of skin that covers the parts surrounding the tear, and then sewing the margins with thin sutures, taking care to join the lower part of the lobe correctly, so as not to alter its form.


The post-surgical scar is never particularly evident and within a few weeks, if well treated with medications prescribed by the surgeon, it will become imperceptible.


The sutures are removed after a week, but to redo the hole in the ears it is necessary to wait a month after the surgery, to be able to start wearing your favorite earrings again.




The desire of most women is to show off a prosperous décolleté that has always been the symbol of sensuality and femininity.


Yet there are girls and ladies with naturally large breasts who would do anything to hide it, because they consider it bulky and vulgar from a physical point of view and assume incorrect attitudes and postures in order not to attract attention to their body.


In many cases it is not just an aesthetic problem, because generous breasts can become the cause of shoulder pain, cervical problems and epidermal inflammation; a weight difficult to bear in every sense.


Fortunately, cosmetic surgery in Cyprus has the ideal solution for this physical and psychological problem and proposes the surgery of breast reduction, which aims not only to reduce the volume of the breasts, but also to eliminate asymmetries and give a better shape.


Breast reduction is not particularly painful even if it varies from case to case, but when the tissue to be removed is not excessive, it can also be performed in day hospital without the need to sleep in the clinic.


The procedure consists in the removal of excess breast and skin tissues and in the remodeling of the breasts, also moving the areola higher, precisely to give a different projection to the breasts that will immediately be smaller but also higher and firmer .


If the breasts are particularly dropped, it is also necessary to carry out a breast lift at the same time, that is a real lifting to lift the décolleté in a natural and harmonious way.


Thanks to scientific progress, the surgical techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated, but the incisions will inevitably lead to the presence of more or less extensive scars and, depending on the case, they will be positioned around the areola, along the mammary sulcus and between the areola and the base of the breast.


Cyprus have well-known plastic surgeon, they are well-performed reduction mammoplasty will lead to scars that gradually over time will tend to lighten and become less evident, thanks also to a therapy created ad hoc based on specific creams.


Many women fear that after undergoing a breast reduction, they will no longer be able to breastfeed, but this is only partially true and only in cases where a nipple shift is necessary.


A perfect cleavage is not necessarily linked to size, because the sensuality of a female body is given by the proportion of its individual parts.


Plastic Surgery Cost In Cyprus


Rhinoplasty, £2400, £4800; 

Breast Augmentation (Round Implants), £2850 - £5700; 

Breast Reduction, £2800 - £5700