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Plastic Surgery In Croatia



It is no mystery that one of the most requested interventions by women all over the world (and by many men) is liposuction. What will be the reason for this trend? Certainly, the current beauty standards have changed compared to, for example, the 50s or 60s. But not only that, the images of increasingly thin women and the presence in the

shops of the large distribution of skimpy sizes have meant that roundness is less and less appreciated and therefore strongly unwanted by patients.


First of all, an important premise must be made when doing plastic surgery in Croatia: liposuction does not make you lose weight! It is in fact a procedure that aims to redefine the contours of the body where there are excessive accumulations in some specific areas. It is not unusual, in fact, that it is practiced in specific areas of the body such as, for example, the knees. Therefore, it is not a substitute for an appropriate dietary regimen associated with physical activity.


The surgery itself is not complex and can be performed under local anesthesia. But how exactly does it take place? Specific micro-cannulas are inserted in the subcutaneous part of the area to be treated and aspirate the fat in a targeted manner. It will obviously be the surgeon, during the preliminary visit, to evaluate the critical areas together with the patient and to foresee the obtainable results.


Once the surgery is finished, you go home and in the days following it, it is usually possible to detect swelling and a feeling of soreness or slight tenderness in the area treated. For this reason, the patient is made to wear an elastic compression sheath for a few weeks in order to facilitate healing, as well as the optimal outcome of the surgery.


For some years now we have been talking about liposculpture. What's the difference with liposuction? Not much, to be honest. The intervention is almost the same, but in the case of liposculpture, the surgeon aims to intervene with greater precision in outlining the profiles of the body. If, in essence, there are bumps or hollows in a specific area of ​​the body, in addition to the reduction of the excess parts, we intervene (perhaps with the aid of a lipofilling) to fill those defects. The goal is precisely to give regularity to areas that do not have any.




Among the elements that contribute to defining the oval of the face are the cheekbones. Anatomically, the cheekbones are structured on the zygomatic bone, also called the malar bone. It forms a relief below the eye sockets, responsible for what is the final appearance of an individual's face. Depending on the shape and the protrusion of this bone, the face takes on different characteristics.


Without a doubt, a face is far more interesting and gritty if the cheekbones are pronounced. On the contrary, poorly developed cheekbones give the face a sad and humble look.

The first, almost daily gesture practiced by many women is the application of a veil of blush, which (creating a shadow) highlights this part of the face. However, it is a superficial and short-lived remedy.


Over the years, moreover, the skin of the face loses tone and elasticity and in the face area, there is a fall of the tissues downwards. Going to plump the cheekbone area gives the entire face greater brightness and freshness. However, it is important not to exaggerate and respect the proportions between the individual parts of the face, such as the nose and lips, for example, in order to obtain a harmonious and balanced appearance.


It is possible to increase the volume of the cheekbones and their shape through the use of fillers, filling substances that are placed in the affected area. These are mostly natural fillers such as hyaluronic acid or even your own body fat (properly treated). The advantages deriving from this type of solution? 


Surely the absence of allergic reactions or intolerances derives from the very nature of the substances used, as well as the speed of execution, which does not require hospitalization or general anesthesia. In a few hours, the patient can go home in total safety.




When talking about muscles, the enlarged arms of bodybuilders from swollen biceps or the powerful thighs of footballers immediately come to mind. Lately, to tell the truth, images of sculpted abs and "tortoiseshell" abdomens are the masters, but we rarely talk about the calf muscle.


Aesthetically it does not have a great appeal, in truth. Among women, it is really rare that attention is paid to this muscle, while in men it can be of not so marginal importance, especially for those who practice bodybuilding (especially black subjects) and detect a poor development of this muscle. part of the body. 


The calf is, in fact, a muscle that struggles to develop and increase its volume, when compared to the other muscles in the body. In fact, it is responsible for supporting walking and long-distance exercises.


In addition to bodybuilders, those who may show the need to reshape the calves are individuals who may suffer from an anatomical asymmetry in this part of the body, be it due to genetic factors or as a result of major trauma.


Cosmetic surgery can help in those cases where the need to remodel this muscle is recognized. The most effective and long-lasting system to obtain satisfactory results consists in the use of fillers, and filling substances, which in the case of the calf can be based on hyaluronic acid or autologous material. 


In both cases, the normal reabsorption of these substances makes it necessary to repeat the treatment after some time. A further technique consists in inserting tubular prostheses into the popliteal cavity (a posterior area, between the thigh and calf, also called the armpit of the leg) by incision.


As a rule, the results of the intervention are very satisfactory and long-lasting. If, due to a thinning of the skin, the inserted prostheses should become unpleasantly visible, it is possible to intervene with a simple lipofilling.




Cost of Plastic Surgery in Croatia starts with 10,000 USD