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Plastic Surgery In Colombia

Plastic Surgery in Colombia


An old popular saying goes: "the world is beautiful because it is varied", well this can also be applied to the female universe and its types of physical conformation. In common language, in fact, we often hear about apple woman, pear woman, hourglass, amphora, inverted triangle, and so on.


This type of classification, far from scientific, is of immediate impact and immediately brings to mind the type of conformation of the female figure given the association with objects or things that everyone knows well. In medicine, however, we hear about the ANDROID AND GINOID form. These differences become particularly marked in the presence of a significant amount of body fat, which, depending on the type, will tend to accumulate fat in specific areas of the body.


The android type (apple), in fact, has localized adiposity in the upper part of the body, therefore the waist, abdomen, shoulders, and proximal area of ​​the arms. They generally have abundant breasts and the legs are rather thin in relation to the trunk. The face is round and with a noticeable double chin.


The gynoid type (pear), unlike the android one, tends to accumulate fat in the lower part of the body, in fact, it presents with important adipose accumulations on the belly, hips, buttocks, and thighs, and up to the ankles. Generally, the upper part of the bust is similar to that of a normal-weight person, with small breasts and a not particularly round face.


Remedying certain adipose accumulations, so specifically localized, through diets and physical activity, is particularly difficult, as there is a very high risk that the areas that are already sufficiently lean will lose weight, leaving the areas that needed to lose weight completely unchanged.


These problems make the differences between the lower and upper parts of the body even more evident and disharmonious. Surely the genetic aspect and, not least, the estrogenic component, play fundamental roles, but on which, unfortunately, it is impossible to intervene, which is why more and more often, the last resort is medicine and cosmetic surgery.


LIPOLYTIC MESOTHERAPY: Plastic Surgery in Colombia

Lipolytic mesotherapy is practiced with substances that act directly on adipocytes, or fat cells. The term "meso" derives from the Greek and literally means "between", in fact it indicates a route of administration, which specifically takes place intradermally. With the help of small needles, the drug is injected into the thickness of the dermis, creating a small bump, which will be slowly absorbed through the vascularization of the dermis.


The use of this method is particularly effective in the treatment of localized adiposity, refractory to dietary treatments and other methods, as well as on the toxic accumulations that cause inflammation of the adipose tissue and which subsequently lead to unsightly effects, as in the case of cellulite. . Undergoing a mesotherapy session with lipolytic drugs does not involve major discomfort and, in relation to the vastness of the area to be treated, can have a variable duration, generally about 20 minutes.


The skin in the treated area will tend to redden in the minutes following administration, and then return to its natural pigmentation after about an hour. Often this treatment is combined with a carboxytherapy session, ensuring a highly effective synergistic effect.


The areas that are usually treated are the Chevelle coulotte, the lower abdomen, the buttocks, the area above the knees, and those subject to fatty deposits. There are no particular contraindications to mesotherapy in healthy people.


On the other hand, it is not recommended for people suffering from certain blood diseases, such as leukemia, for people suffering from diabetes, HIV, and heart diseases. People of both sexes can undergo lipolytic mesotherapy sessions, although more women request it.


The appreciable results are obtained after about 6/8 sessions, usually on a weekly basis, but it will be at the discretion of the aesthetic doctor how many to carry out, and what other treatments to combine them.




It is an aesthetic defect of many women, but no less hated: we are talking about the flaccid inner thighs, with sagging skin that gives a decidedly unattractive effect.


When the inner thigh area appears not very toned, the entire figure of the legs is inevitably affected, which lose a lot of their beauty and it is not always possible to repair with intense sports training.


Physical activity, in fact, cannot work miracles on a body that has undergone sudden weight changes or is advanced in age, because when faced with a skin that is not very elastic only the scalpel can really make a difference, through the lifting of the thighs.


The lifting of the thighs is an extremely valid and decisive intervention because it allows you to fight localized laxity by eliminating the excess skin that tends to descend.


A good cosmetic surgeon can concretely restore a leaner and more slender shape through a well-performed facelift, but it must be pointed out that this surgery is not aimed at removing localized fat, but can be associated with a liposculpture, precisely to remodel the adjacent leg areas.


The thigh lifting procedure consists in eliminating a part of excess skin through an incision near the groin, but an experienced surgeon a well-known professional in plastic surgery who works in many Colombian regions, carries out scars moved within a few centimeters, just to be hidden even by the most high-cut briefs.


After the surgery, it will be necessary to wear a compression sheath for about 3 weeks, during which you will feel a swelling of the legs which will be less and less evident as the days go by.


Winter is certainly the ideal time to undergo a thigh lift, both because the girdles or compression stockings are certainly more tolerable in the cooler climate and because you have more time to recover in view of the summer season when you will be able to show off young and slender legs like many years ago.


Plastic Surgery In Colombia


Breast Lift + Liposuction 3 areas average cost in Colombia is around $6,500.