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Plastic Surgery In Bulgaria

Plastic Surgery in Bulgaria

After the summer holidays, the period in which you think about your silhouette begins.


In the heat, we dress “lighter” and physical defects such as belly and love handles for men and fat pads on the legs for women become more evident.


This is why at the end of the summer, we worry about being able to correct defects that do not make us feel good about ourselves and we start by following a more appropriate diet to be combined, necessarily with constant physical activity. However, the results that are achieved are not always those hoped for and cosmetic surgery comes into play.


Liposuction in Bulgaria is one of the most requested interventions in the world by both men and women, with the aim of reshaping the body to make it more harmonious and proportionate, but it is important to understand that it is not an operation to lose weight.


With liposuction, you can eliminate, the rolls on the belly or hips, the fat formed inside the thigh or on the knees, etc. through the aspiration of localized fat, without leaving obvious scars and without risks for patients, unless you rely on a good professional who works in highly qualified structures.


And what should I do after the surgery? After about 4 weeks of wearing post-operative compression sheaths, the results will gradually become more and more evident, but we must wait for the normal swelling to regress and in this case, it is very useful to observe a balanced diet, which helps to counteract inflammation and accelerate the healing process.


Liposuction is undoubtedly the best way to eliminate those annoying fat pads that just do not go away, but after the operating room, it is at the table that you continue to take care of your beauty.




Botox, a drug famous all over the world for its uses in aesthetic medicine, still arouses many doubts and fears that deserve further study. Research in Bulgaria thinks about the potential of Botox with 5 really interesting key points.


1st Key Point: the question that many ask is whether Botox is dangerous. Answer is a decided no! Botox, in fact, is a safe and controlled drug. Often this fear arises precisely from the name of the drug itself, as the botulinum toxin can make you think of something harmful. To dispel these fears reminds us that in Bulgaria drugs and explains that all drugs have a therapeutic and harmful effect, based on the type of administration.


2nd Key Point: Botox has the purpose of helping us to eliminate the so-called dynamic wrinkles, that is, those that form when we smile, talk, get angry, etc., and which are not very visible when we are still. Another therapeutic indication is to decrease the muscle thickness of the masseter muscle to give the face a less square shape.


3rd Key Point: Botox infiltrations are not painful and as soon as they are carried out it is not possible to immediately see the result, because the drug takes a few days to start working. Depending on the anatomical area infiltrated, it will take from one month (for the masseter muscle) to just three days (for forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, etc.) to begin to see the first changes.


4th Key Point: in case of complications due to botulinum toxin infiltration, we stresses that it will always be a temporary phenomenon. The most frequent complications are the various asymmetries both in dynamics and in static, to be evaluated well already from pre-treatment. In some cases they can be corrected, in others, it will be necessary to wait for time to pass.


5th Key Point: Botox does not give an artificial result, if well done it gives a more relaxed, but completely natural aspect.




A very interesting topic in cosmetic surgery is certainly that of the removal of permanent fillers from the lips. This topic is often associated with Bulgaria, as they are an expert in this procedure and, for this reason, in great demand. 


1st Key Point: first of all, research specifies that it is possible to remove permanent fillers from the lips, contrary to what some of his colleagues claim. It is equally important to underline, however, that a good result is obtained when the substance has been infiltrated due to a volumetric increase in the lips and not on the part of the skin, to correct, for example, the so-called bar code. In the second case, in fact, the scars would not allow a valid post-operative result.


2nd Key Point: Prefers to perform this procedure under general anesthesia because the region of the lips must be treated with extreme care and a minimum movement of the patient could affect the result of the intervention. Precisely for this reason, it is far safer to proceed with general anesthesia.


3rd Key Point: if the permanent filler has been infiltrated for no more than twelve months, advises the patients to undergo a laser procedure. The reason is to be able to avoid the patient a much more invasive surgery than a laser.


4th Key Point: when surgery is carried out for the surgical removal of the permanent filler, the scar is practically invisible, because it is positioned between the demarcation line of the moist lip mucosa (the innermost one) and the dry mucosa.


5th Key Point: the removal of permanent substances from the lips involves a rather long post-operative hospital stay because the lips are anatomically made up of moss and muscle, without fat and therefore the scar will cause greater traction. The patient will then feel the tension in the tissues when he moves his mouth to speak or smile, but this will resolve itself over time.




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