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Plastic Surgery In Brazil

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Benessere Clinic

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Clinica Renovare Campinas

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Clinica Gontijo

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Pure Aesthetics

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Lotus Klinik

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Della Clinica

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Clinica De Cirurgia Plástica Dra.Adivânia Pinheiro

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Lapidae - Balneário Camboriú

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Dr Eduardo Nunes Cirurgia Plástica - Campo Mourão

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Clinica Cirurgia Plástica Wagner Moraes - Consultório Barra

Av. das Américas, 3500 – Bloco 4 / Sl 304, Condomínio Le Monde ,Barra da Tijuca

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Guilherme Cravo Cirurgia Plastica - Rio De Janeiro

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Dermoplástica - Cirurgia Plástica - Dr. Fábio Lucena

Rua Nilo Peçanha, 525, Prata ,Campina Grande

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Dr. Renato Lerner

Av. República do Líbano, 192 ,São Paulo ,São Paulo


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Lis Dermo Plástica

Baía Sul Medical Center Rua Menino Deus, 63, sala 107 ,Florianópolis


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Tatiana Caloi - Osasco

Rua João Colino, no. 203 ,Osasco ,São Paulo


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Geovane Graças Gomes

SHLS 716 ,Brasília


Plastic Surgery In Brazil


As for many sectors, the world of Plastic surgery in Brazil is punctuated by trends every year. The latter, of which the stars are generally at the origin, thus make rain and shine on the most requested Plastic surgery operations in Brazil. 


Discover the key Plastic surgery procedures of 2022 in Brazil 


The world of Plastic surgery is, like that of fashion, synonymous with eternal renewal. Thus, after several years which have been driven by a trend towards ultra sophistication and demands for unnatural results, the year 2022 should mark the great return of operations with more real-than-life results. 


Indeed, we observe among the stars a real underlying trend in this direction so, we bet you that, like every year, it will be reflected in the choices of patients in Plastic surgery practices in Brazil. This Plastic surgery trend in Brazil for 2022 should thus make abdominoplasty, liposuction, or even blepharoplasty more popular than ever. And for good reason, the latter is extremely effective in correcting imperfections and reshaping the body with the utmost naturalness.


Abdominoplasty, queen of the year 2022 


Abdominoplasty is the most comprehensive abdominal surgery. And for good reason, it offers multiple benefits such as the elimination of excess skin, the removal of altered skin tissue (for example by stretch marks), or even the correction of diastasis of the rectus (which can be the origin of a belly prominence). This plastic surgery operation has therefore always enjoyed some success but in 2022, it should be even more important than usual.


Indeed, the stars are more and more numerous to assume their post-pregnancy belly or to show their unglamorous abdomen after a significant weight loss. In order to relieve all the other mothers in the world and all the candidates for weight loss, they also admit more and more frequently to have had recourse to Plastic surgery to correct the stigmata of these moments of life which are the origin of the metamorphosis of their belly. Results? Abdominoplasty is gaining notoriety and is increasingly known as the reference procedure for reshaping unsightly abdomens. 


In 2022, who can benefit from an abdominoplasty in Brazil? 


If until now abdominoplasty was still considered, wrongly, as an intervention reserved for patients who have benefited from bariatric surgery, it is a safe bet that in 2022, more and more patients will be asking for this operation. 


Indeed, an abdominoplasty in Brazil is aimed at a very wide spectrum of patients ranging from men to women, including young and old. In detail, patients who have undergone significant weight loss, women who have kept the marks of their pregnancy belly, men or women over the age of 40 and presenting with an accumulation of fat associated with poor skin elasticity, are d excellent candidates for abdominoplasty in Brazil. 


How to benefit from an abdominoplasty in Brazil? 


In 2022, the easiest way to benefit from an abdominoplasty in Brazil is to call on an agency specialized in the organization of medical stays abroad. Indeed, an aesthetic agency in Brazil will allow you to benefit from the services of the best Plastic surgeons and the best aesthetic clinics in Brazil at the best price. 


It will also plan for you the smallest details of your stay, which will allow you to benefit from total peace of mind. So, to take advantage of the best abdominoplasty offers in Brazil.


Blepharoplasty, still as trendy in 2022 


To regain a fresh and youthful look, the blepharoplasty is a shock ally. The latter makes it possible to correct the upper and lower eyelids in order to eliminate the damage caused by time, such as wrinkles or sagging skin. 


At a time when stars advocate naturalness and self-acceptance, while displaying a face free of unsightly wrinkles but enhanced by fine lines that give charm, it is certain that in 2022, blepharoplasty will be part of the operations Plastic surgery in Brazil the most requested. And for good reason, it makes it possible to obtain a long-lasting and very natural result, while imposing on patients rather light post-operative consequences. It, therefore, has shock assets to attract more and more candidates for Plastic surgery in Brazil in 2022.


In 2022, who can benefit from blepharoplasty in Brazil?


In 2022, all patients with a tired and time-worn look are good candidates for blepharoplasty in Brazil. Indeed, whether they have a sad look due to drooping upper eyelids or a tired look due to bags under the eyes, blepharoplasty is the ad hoc plastic surgery operation to restore all its beauty to the look. 


Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids will thus make it possible to raise the eyelid while eliminating excess skin, as for the blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids, it will make it possible to correct the bags present under the eyes. It is also important to note that, if the patient presents the indications, blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids can be performed simultaneously.  


In 2022, who can benefit from liposuction in Brazil? 


Liposuction has a wide field of action. It is therefore aimed at a variety of patients. This can range from young patients wishing to eliminate a few superfluous kilos, to fewer young athletes who are unable to eliminate localized excess fat, to young mothers anxious to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. 

However, it is important to specify that to take full advantage of the benefits offered by liposuction, it is important to have good skin elasticity. Indeed, good skin retraction (which goes hand in hand with good skin elasticity) is essential to obtain a satisfactory result, but the latter becomes uncertain over time. Patients aged 40 or over wishing to perform liposuction will therefore be advised to combine a facelift to their liposuction in Brazil.


How to benefit from liposuction in Brazil? 


You can very simply benefit from liposuction in Brazil by approaching a Brazilian professional. However, to be sure to benefit from liposuction in the best conditions and with the best cosmetic surgeon in  Brazil.


Plastic Surgery Cost In Brazil


This cosmetic surgery could cost up to 37 thousand Brazilian reals.