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With age, we get older, it is then that crow's feet, jowls and sagging facial skin appear. To remedy this, the facelift can be an excellent alternative to regain a nice glow and a smooth and distended skin texture. So, what are the possible risks, possible complications, and expected results? 


Facelift: What is it? 


The facelift designates the surgical operation which aims to rejuvenate the entire face or certain localized parts. This practice reduces the degree of sagging of the skin, the countless folds on the forehead and jaw, and all the aesthetic inconveniences that are due to aging. It is important to note that the localized lifting is the lightest for the patient, the operation is less cumbersome and the recovery from the intervention is done quickly.


However, if the surgeon deems it necessary, then a full facelift can be offered. Social Security considers the facelift as a purely aesthetic intervention, so there is no support.


What can a Facelift correct? 


The facelift is the most suitable alternative for the patient in the case of:

  • The presence of jowls which designate the excess skin at the level of the lower jaw and on each side of the chin, 

  • The deepening of the furrows of expression,

  • The existence of deep folds in the nose, mouth or eyes (crow's feet),

  • Sagging skin, especially on the cheekbones, 

  • The manifestation of a hollow in the middle of the cheek,  

  • The appearance of excess fat in the neck (we then resort to a cervical lift).


How is the facelift practiced in Australia? 


During a facelift, excess skin is extracted and the underlying tissues and muscles are tightened, thus restoring the face's shape and firmness. Facelifts are very precise, light, and localized. As for the fat located on the face and on the neck, it can be removed via micro-liposuction, an intervention intended for fatty areas. 


This fat can in particular is redistributed thanks to lipofilling, thus giving a natural volume with a rejuvenating effect. Indeed, as we age, the skin thins, explaining the appearance of such hollows. The scars, which are very short and very inconspicuous, will become almost invisible over time. Finally, the skin not removed by the facelift will be remodeled on the new curves of the face.


What are the risks and complications to which the patient is exposed? 


Side effects vary from one patient to another but are generally very mild: 

  • A slight pain with an unpleasant feeling of numbness, 

  • Contusions (bruises or bruises),

  • Temporary swelling (swelling).


Finally, the incised parts will be covered with a bandage in order to exert a slight pressure which will thus be able to minimize the swelling and the bruises.


The risk of infection is extremely low and, if necessary, it can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by the surgeon. As for smokers, the incisions experience real difficulty in healing and that is why the surgeon will ask you to stop smoking up to six weeks before the operation. 


In addition, current techniques are highly developed and the risk of a nervous accident (affecting one of the nerves of the face) therefore resulting in facial paralysis is very rare. Finally, you should know that scars can always be touched up.


How long for recovery in Australia?


After a hospitalization that will last a maximum of two days, it will be necessary to wait between three and four weeks before finding a real social and professional activity.


During the ten days following the operation, the face is swollen, the swollen areas and the bruises are more or less obvious depending on the person. It will then be necessary to persist and apply cool compresses to reduce the edema and relieve the pain. The threads will be detached between the first and second week. 


How long does the Lifting effect last? 


If we assume that the facelift will rejuvenate the person by about 10 years, it should be noted that the expression of the face does not change, the result is very harmonious, the person will actually be 10 years younger. As for the aging process, it resumes its course naturally, as usual. There is therefore no brutal and sudden relapse with the appearance of deep fine lines overnight. Thus, it may be possible to repeat the facelift up to three times during a lifetime.


What about the Mini-facelift? 


The mini-facelift is a natural facial rejuvenation technique. This operation is lighter, gentler, and less invasive than the classic facelift. The scars are shorter and almost invisible. In addition, this intervention is done under local anesthesia unlike the cervicofacial lift, which is done under general anesthesia. 


The small incisions made treat them early and not very pronounced sagging in certain areas of the face, which are very prone to the appearance of folds and wrinkles. Exactly like the facelift, this operation does not prevent skin aging. Indeed, its goal is to reduce imperfections and thus rejuvenate the face by giving it a new radiance. 


Facelift or Mini-facelift, which to choose in Australia? 


The choices between facelift and mini-facelift depend on the expectations of each person. If you want a more lasting result over time, in this case, ten years, then it is better to turn to a facelift, especially if general anesthesia does not pose any problems for the patient. Otherwise, it is better to opt for the mini-facelift which is a lighter intervention with its local anesthesia.


Plastic Surgery Cost In Australia


It can range from $6,500 to $12,000 for a short scar or endoscopic facelift.