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Plastic Surgery In United Kingdom

Plastic Surgery In United Kingdom


Wrinkles, sagging skin, dull complexion: when time does its work, it's hard not to look gloomy. However, you thought you could escape it thanks to the application of quality daily care and an exemplary lifestyle. 


And yet… here you are wondering how to camouflage the lack of regularity in the contour of your face and your wrinkles which continue to deepen despite all your efforts. And if the solution was simply to opt for intervention in an aesthetic clinic in the United Kingdom? Indeed, a face lipofilling in the United Kingdom would allow you to give a new youth to your skin in the blink of an eye!


What is facial lipofilling? 


Developed in 1980 by French doctor Pierre Fournier, facial lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery procedure that focuses solely on facial rejuvenation and therefore the treatment of facial aging.


This 100% natural surgical procedure is responsible for reconstructing the volumes lost with age. In addition, it provides treatment for wrinkles (dark circles, nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks, etc.)


Face lipofilling in the United Kingdom is therefore intended as this cosmetic surgery intervention which aims to remove fatty tissue from certain parts of the body (belly, hip, saddlebags, etc.) then reinject them into specific areas of the face such as the cheekbones, temples, the contour of the face, the chin.


Face lipofilling United Kingdom: the ad hoc intervention to hide the signs of time 


When the skin aging machine kicks in, it is difficult to stop it and even more so to correct its misdeeds. At this stage, traditional methods such as creams or standard beauty treatments are no longer enough. 


To stop the machine, you have to take out the heavy artillery and the latter has a name: face lipofilling. A face lipofilling in the United Kingdom thus makes it possible to fight effectively against wrinkles but also to correct the contours of the face and to smooth one or more scars. 


In detail, a face lipofilling in the United Kingdom has the effect of restoring volume to the face, correcting wrinkles and bitterness, treating the brow bone, reshaping the cheeks, and enhancing the cheekbones. 


In short, after face lipofilling, the face is completely rejuvenated and the skin more beautiful. Increasingly popular, facial lipofilling also offers the advantage of being a non-invasive procedure that does not take much time and does not leave traces.


Face lipofilling in the United Kingdom, how does it work?  


A United Kingdom facial lipofilling is a safe and effective cosmetic surgery procedure that allows the patient to obtain a result with a wow-effect with a very short recovery time. 

Concretely, facial lipofilling in the United Kingdom consists of removing fat from an area with a surplus. Usually, it is the buttocks, stomach, or hips, but it can also be in the knees. 


In a second step, the fat taken is passed through a centrifuge in order to clean it of all its impurities. Once purified, it is reinjected into the area to be treated. In order to obtain a satisfactory result, several injections are performed during the procedure. On the anesthesia side, two options are possible, local and general. 


The choice is usually made based on the needs of the patient and the preferences of the surgeon. Finally, a significant advantage, after the United Kingdom face lipofilling procedure, the patient can immediately return to his daily activities. One hour of intervention, one day at the clinic, and presto return home/hotel.


Face lipofilling United Kingdom, who is it for?  


A facial lipofilling procedure is an ultimate solution for all patients, men or women, looking for youth. The passage of time does indeed not give gifts and frequently alters the volumes of the face. Unfortunately, once this is done, only cosmetic surgery can correct the damage. 


Face lipofilling, also called liposculpture, is therefore primarily intended for people wishing to restore volume to certain areas of the face. Usually, these are the lips, dark circles, cheeks and cheekbones, chin or nasolabial folds. But it can also be patients wishing to correct scars! 


Moreover, to be a good candidate for face lipofilling, you must also be in perfect health. A complete assessment is therefore systematically prescribed in anticipation of a face lipofilling.


Face lipofilling United Kingdom, what results to expect?  


After facial lipofilling in United Kingdom, patients find a fresh face and smoother skin. Thanks to the injection of fat, the skin is plumped and therefore completely rejuvenated. Nevertheless, to observe the final result of a liposculpture in the United Kingdom, you have to be patient.


It is indeed necessary to wait about six months, the time that the fat stabilizes in the treated areas. But honestly, it's worth it! In addition, if the patient wishes a total rejuvenation, face lipofilling can be associated without any problem with other surgeries, in particular a blepharoplasty which makes it possible to treat drooping eyelids.


Face lipofilling in the United Kingdom, is it expensive?  


In France, a liposculpture intervention is indeed very expensive and reserved for the wealthiest. Fortunately, facial lipofilling is available in cosmetic surgery clinics in the United Kingdom at a price that does not require you to empty your entire PEL. At least 50% cheaper than an intervention in France.