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Plastic Surgery In United Arab Emirates



Cosmetic surgery in Dubai is one of the countries that are interested in tourism in all its fields. The government encourages growth in the field of tourism and encourages development in all its fields, which provides unlimited growth opportunities for all sectors, including the medical sector.


The percentage of the local population in the UAE is less than even a quarter of the population, barely approaching 16%, and the rest of the population is of different nationalities, including Egyptians, Arabs, and Indians, including those residing in Dubai for the purpose of work or looking for picnics, shopping, and medical tourism.


What are the plastic surgeries that spread in the Emirates? And what is its cost? Who is the best plastic surgeon in the UAE? What are the most important cities in which you can get plastic surgery in the UAE? What are the most important and best cosmetic clinics in the UAE? The guide to plastic surgery in the Arab world.




Dubai is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and it is the emirate in which cosmetic clinics are concentrated, and immediately after it comes Sharjah, which has some branches of cosmetic clinics located in Dubai. There are also some cosmetic clinics in the Emirates in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and in the city of Fujairah, and of course, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a good number of cosmetic experts and cosmetic clinics in the United Arab Emirates.




The prices of plastic surgery in Dubai are in the range of the world average prices for cosmetic surgery, for example, the cost of rhinoplasty in the UAE starts from 1,500 US dollars in the case of repairing simple humps and reaches 9000 US dollars in the case of changing the shape of the nose and completely repairing it.


As for the prices of plastic surgery in Dubai and tummy tuck, for example, you will find that its cost in the UAE ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 US dollars, according to whatclinic. As for liposuction, the prices of cosmetic surgeries in Dubai range from $5,000 to $20,000 in some cases.


As for breast augmentation and buttock augmentation, the prices start from 2,500 US dollars. The prices of plastic surgeries in Dubai and body sculpting operations using 3D laser start from 5,000 US dollars. As for filler operations, cheek and lip injections, the cost starts from $500.


Of course, all types of plastic surgery prices are spread in Dubai, but these are the most famous operations that distinguish the United Arab Emirates from other countries.




The UAE is distinguished by the presence of expertise from all over the world in the field of cosmetic medicine and is distinguished by its interest in sterilization and infection control operations, which reduces the rates of complications that may occur in the prices of cosmetic operations and increases the success rates of these operations.


The UAE is also characterized by a strong infrastructure that facilitates the growth of medical centers and increases investments in them, allowing to bring in the latest equipment used in cosmetic surgery worldwide. The most important disadvantages are the high prices for housing, meals and living facilities in general. This is due to the high standard of living in the Emirates, which makes it not lacking in luxury, but it is also high in cost.




The best plastic surgeon differs from one person to another depending on the change of circumstances, and before deciding who is the best plastic surgeon in the UAE and the most appropriate for your case, you must answer some questions such as: Has the doctor dealt with patients before suffering from the same problem as yours? Are there not good opinions about the doctor on the sites and forums that exchange experiences? Can he provide you with a patient who has performed the operation you want him to have his opinion? Is the hospital or clinic where the doctor is located in a convenient location for you? When you went to the doctor, did he understand your problem and treat you as you expected? Does the doctor follow you up after the plastic surgery? All these points are important and vital in determining the best plastic surgeon in the UAE for you. It is important to note that there are high-quality plastic surgeons who are not famous.


To talk about the best plastic surgeon in the UAE, we must define the field. Of course, the best plastic surgeon in the field of surgeries and rhinoplasty is different from the best plastic surgeon in body sculpting and body contouring.


For example, Dr. Afif King is considered the best plastic surgeon in the UAE in the field of liposuction and tummy tuck operations, while Dr. Mohamed Thabet Salhia is considered the best plastic surgeon in the UAE in the field of breast plastic surgery. As for Dr. Gabriel Akram Saab is considered the best plastic surgeon in the UAE in the field of rhinoplasty.