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Plastic Surgery In South Korea

For patients, a cosmetic surgery operation generates an intense mix of emotions: joy, impatience, and, very often, fear. And for good reason, plastic surgery is not a trivial project, especially since it also involves risks. So, in order to calmly consider this great experience, it is essential to benefit from comprehensive care and to have a trusted partner on whom to rely. 


Plastic surgery in South Korea: Discover the Support 


You have been tempted for a long time by a cosmetic surgery operation in South Korea. You have already identified partners who could potentially accompany you on this extraordinary adventure. In order to help you make your choice in the most informed way possible, South Korea Clinics offers you an update on the overall care to patients who are candidates for plastic surgery in South Korea or aesthetic medicine in South Korea.   


Aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in South Korea 


Everyone knows that saying, "the first impression is always the right one". We totally agree with the latter and, in terms of medical tourism in South Korea, it starts as soon as you make contact for the possible reservation of a plastic surgery intervention. Indeed, the first exchanges that you will have with your partner generally set the tone for the overall care that the latter is about to offer you. 


In South Korea, they make it a point of honor to be available and attentive in order to best meet your expectations. In more than a decade of existence, we have indeed made it a point of honor to put each patient at the heart of our concerns. For your cosmetic surgery operation in South Korea, they, therefore, offer you comprehensive care based on your needs and requirements. They systematically offer you the formulas and the interventions and the most relevant cosmetic surgeons in South Korea according to your expectations.


Breast self-examination


Self-examination of the breast is an indispensable process in the diagnosis of breast tumors. Therefore, it should be part of the personal hygiene of every woman. After several independent breast examinations, the woman feels great, and she can detect many painful abnormalities at an early stage.


The first step is to examine the chest


Self-testing is best started between 20 and 25 years of age. Already at the age of 45, every woman has the right to budgetary mammography screening. Breast self-monitoring is a good method for diagnosis in the two-year period between two preventive mammograms.


A few minutes every month


Breast exams should be done regularly every month, a few days after the end of the menstrual cycle. For women whose menstrual cycle has ended, this examination is available on any day. It is very important to find the right place and time. Ideally, this is a bathroom or bedroom, because a mirror will be required for inspection.


What features you need to pay attention to:

  • a painless swelling or bump with jagged edges

  • redness, tight skin, enlargement;

  • swelling of the skin, redness, non-disappearing ulcer;

  • expansion of the skin around the nipple;

  • loss of nipples, bleeding;

  • swelling in the armpit or collarbone.


When you find a lump in the breast, it is not always a malignant tumor. Cysts, benign or malignant tumors can appear in the breasts. In addition, the breasts can change over time as a result of the influence of hormones. In any case, conclusions should be drawn only after mammography or ultrasound examination.




Prevention of breast cancer should be given great attention, mainly because any tumor of the breast can be treated. An important condition for successful therapy is a timely visit to the doctor when the first symptoms are detected.


Foreign and domestic stars often resort to such operations, whether this is due to maintaining the image or just the desire to excel, we do not know. But we bring to your attention three striking examples of celebrity mammoplasty:


1. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk


The 45-year-old Russian star does not confirm her appeal to plastic surgeons, however, it is impossible not to notice this. The experience turned out to be successful, magnificent forms look quite natural.


2. Pamella Anderson

The Hollywood celebrity can be called the pioneer of mammoplasty, perhaps it was with her that many Russian women had a desire to have breast plastic surgery. At the age of 49, Pamela has repeatedly done breast correction and nevertheless brought it to the ideal, now her breasts look beautiful and realistic.


3. Christina Aguilera


The American singer and actress is 36 years old, and she performed the very first operation at her 18. Thanks to the surgical reincarnation, Christina's bust increased by two sizes at once, and many believe that this is what added to her popularity. Aguilera underwent repeated mammoplasty relatively recently, after childbirth, to correct the shape.


Relationships of men to breast plastic surgery


A lot has been written about the attitude of men to the issue of breast augmentation and there is still no consensus. Some like breasts the size of a man's palm, others busty young ladies, and some cannot distinguish artificial breasts from real ones. But most men agree on one thing, that the woman herself should like the female breast and be well-groomed, and the general attractiveness of the chosen one does not depend on its size.


Plastic Surgery Cost In South Korea


Plastic surgery cost on average in South Korea is $9,500