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Plastic Surgery In South Africa


Plastic Surgery in South Africa is the operation that designates aesthetic, functional, or reconstructive surgery of the nose. Its purpose is to correct its imperfections. These can be from birth, due to trauma, or as a result of aging.


What is Plastic Surgery? 


Plastic Surgery is the leading aesthetic intervention in the sector because it is the most practiced. It must be approached with great care since it is performed to treat the aesthetics of the nose or restore its proper functioning.


Indeed, it aims to restore facial harmony and rebalance the proportions of the face, which is why it is often associated with chin or forehead surgery, we then speak of profiloplasty.


The operation itself must be the subject of interviews, a 3D simulation, and is developed with the patient in a computerized way to try to meet their expectations as much as possible.


Types of Plastic Surgery


There are mainly 4 types of Plastic Surgery


Medical Plastic Surgery: it is Plastic Surgery without surgery. The doctor will rectify the imperfection of the nose with injections of hyaluronic acid. The technique makes it possible to correct small irregularities of the nose: a bump, an asymmetry problem, a hollow, or a deviated tip. No cartilage graft is done during this procedure. Some cosmetic surgeons use this technique to perfect the result of conventional Plastic Surgery.


Corrective or Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: it aims to modify the morphology of the bone pyramid, it also includes anomalies of the tip of the nose.


Functional Plastic Surgery: its role is to remedy breathing difficulties. This intervention can also correct the deviation of the nasal septum or the thickening of the turbinates.


Restorative or Constructive Plastic Surgery: it concerns the fracture of the nose, its total or partial loss (tumor, accident), and its complete reconstruction or rhinopoiesis. 


Incidentally, septoPlastic Surgery combines aesthetic Plastic Surgery and functional Plastic Surgery. Finally, ethnic Plastic Surgery mainly concerns Africans and Asians. Their noses have several respiratory inconveniences such as flattened nostrils or a low nasal bridge and tip.


Anomalies of the Nose in Plastic Surgery


The malformations of the nose are:


- The drooping point,

- The broad tip,

- The deviated point,

- The asymmetrical tip of the nose,

- The long nose or the hyper projected nose,

- The nose with a bump.


The course of the intervention 


Plastic Surgery can be performed for both men and women, but it is recommended for adolescents at the end of their growth, that is to say from the age of 17.


First, the patient must prepare a blood test according to the prescriptions of the doctor and the anesthetist, and a radiological examination may be required depending on the type of Plastic Surgery: aesthetic or restorative. The operation takes place under general anesthesia and lasts from 1 to 3 hours depending on the modifications to be made. In almost all cases, all the scars are hidden on the rim or inside the nose.


Anomalies of the tip of the nose can be congenital or consequent to trauma. Thus, the surgery that supports them consists of the restructuring of the cartilaginous framework but also of the skin, because sometimes it is unavoidable to rectify an upper lip or a chin to preserve the overall structure of the face.

Restorative Plastic Surgery joins aesthetic Plastic Surgery on the techniques adopted and especially cartilage grafts.


At the end of the operation, a splint is placed to protect and maintain the nose. In addition, wicks (absorbent dressings) are also placed in the nostrils. The consequences of the operation are rarely painful apart from the difficulty of breathing through the nose due to edema or bruising, the size and duration of which vary from one person to another. 


The duration of hospitalization is at least one day, depending on the seriousness of the operation. The rest of 3 to 7 days is recommended. As for the dressing, the locks and stitches are removed after 8 days.


The edema fades within 3 to 6 weeks. After 3 months we have a draft of the result, after 6 months the final aspect is well defined. In short, the final result can only be seen after a year, even more, when it comes to thick skin.


The consequences of the intervention 


In order to avoid possible difficulties during convalescence and promote good healing, it would be preferable to:

- To rest,

- to avoid any effort or sporting activity,

- avoid driving,

- not to take any medicine without the advice of the doctor,

- to consult the surgeon as soon as unexplained discomfort is observed in the operated area,

- not to smoke during convalescence,

- to avoid any exposure to the sun for at least two months,

- to sleep with the head elevated to facilitate the resorption of edema in the eyes,

- to prohibit taking aspirin and taking an oral contraceptive before and after the operation.




Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is considered comfort surgery and is not reimbursed by social security, whereas functional or restorative Plastic Surgery can be.


Also, the patient who suffers from a malformation of the nose for some reason may have a complex defect on his face. The surgeon must clearly identify the patient's wishes, as for the latter, he must express his expectations so that the result is in harmony with the face.


Plastic Surgery is the most practiced intervention in aesthetics, it enjoys a significant success rate and that is why the patient must take the plunge. Indeed, it would give him a harmonious facial expression and allow him to regain his self-confidence.


Plastic Surgery Cost In South Africa


Plastic Surgery Cost In South Africa $ 5,500