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Plastic Surgery In Dominican Republic

Dr. Fernando Francis - Logo

Dr. Fernando Francis

Calle Luis F. Thomen 456 ,Santo Domingo


Dr. Hungaria Plastic Surgeon - Logo

Dr. Hungaria Plastic Surgeon

Manuel Maria Castillo ST 20 Gazcue, Suite 105 ,Santo Domingo


Dr. Nestor Mallen - Logo

Dr. Nestor Mallen

C / Manuel Maria Castillo 20 Gazcue, CECIP ,Santo Domingo


Aesthetic Medical Solutions - Logo

Aesthetic Medical Solutions

Centro Medico Gazque, Ave Bolivar 357 suite 425 Esq Leopoldo Navarro ,Gazque ,Santo Domingo


Dr. Ruben Carrasco, M.D. - Centro De Cirugía Plástica Y Especialidades - Logo

Dr. Ruben Carrasco, M.D. - Centro De Cirugía Plástica Y Especialidades

Consultorio No. 5 , 2do Piso Calle Manuel María Castillo, 20, Gazcue. Frente al Palacio Presidencial ,Santo Domingo ,809-685-3492


Dr. Luis Holguin - Santiago - Logo

Dr. Luis Holguin - Santiago

Clinica Corominas, C. Restoration 50 ,Santiago


Dr. Luis Holguin - Santo Domingo - Logo

Dr. Luis Holguin - Santo Domingo

Calle General Juan Rodríguez esq. Padre Fantino ,The Vega


Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman - Logo

Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman

Avenue Pedro Henriquez Ureña 137, La Esperilla, Suite 203 ,Santo Domingo ,Dominican Republic


Hospiten Bavaro - Logo

Hospiten Bavaro

Carretera Higuey-Punta Cana ,Punta Cana


Dr. Aramis Vega - Logo

Dr. Aramis Vega

Street Socrates Nolasco 4 Naco ,Santo Domingo


Dr. Gabriel Morales - Logo

Dr. Gabriel Morales

Avenida Máximo Gómez 66 ,Santo Domingo


Dr. Nicolás Espinal - Logo

Dr. Nicolás Espinal

Unión Médica del Norte Av.Juan Pablo Duarte No. 176 ,Santiago De Los Caballeros


Dra. Tania Medina - Logo

Dra. Tania Medina

Luis Amiama Tió No. 60, Arroyo Hondo, ,Santo Domingo ,Dominican Republic


Dra. Walkiris Robles - Logo

Dra. Walkiris Robles

Calle Manuel Maria Castillo No.20 ,Santo Domingo


Franklin Peña - Santo Domingo - Logo

Franklin Peña - Santo Domingo

Centro de Cirugía Plástica Espaillat-Guerra Socorro Sánchez 56 ,Gazcue


Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes - Logo

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes

Av. Dr. Delgado 2 - Gazcue ,Santo Domingo ,Dominican Republic


Dr. Francisco Rodriguez - Logo

Dr. Francisco Rodriguez

Alfredo Rojas Morales 27, La Zurza ,Santo Domingo


Dr. Luis Mejia Surgery - Logo

Dr. Luis Mejia Surgery

Luis Amiama Tio 60, Arrollo Hondo ,Santo Domingo ,DN


Ciruplastic - Logo


C/ Socorro Sánchez No.56, Segundo Piso, Gazcue. ,Santo Domingo ,DN


Dr. Luis Holguin - San Francisco De Macoris - Logo

Dr. Luis Holguin - San Francisco De Macoris

Avenida Presidente Antonio Guzmán Fernández ,San Francisco de Macoris


Plastic Surgery In Dominican Republic


The world of cosmetic and plastic surgery is a rich and complex universe. There are thus all kinds of interventions aimed at repairing and improving the appearance of the body or face. However, it is not easy to find your way among the different types of cosmetic surgery operations. In order to help you better understand how this universe is structured and allow you to easily find how cosmetic surgery can meet your needs, 


Discover guide to the different types of cosmetic surgery. What they consist of, who they are aimed at or how much they cost: you will find all the key information on the different categories of cosmetic surgery operations. 


Facial surgeries 


The surgery of the face is a major hub for cosmetic surgery. And for good reason, this category includes all the interventions aimed at improving facial beauty, that is to say, by modifying an area of ​​it, such as the nose or chin, or by eliminating the stigmas created by time, such as wrinkles or sagging skin. In detail, the segment of the facial surgery includes rhinoplasty, the genioplasty the cervicofacial lift, the lift temporal, the brow lift, the dummy clip, the blepharoplasty, or the lipo filling face. The vast majority of facial surgeries are recognized for their effectiveness and the astounding results they offer to patients. 


Who is facial surgery for? 


Facial surgery rhymes with a broad spectrum of interventions. The latter is therefore aimed at different types of patients. Young or old men and women as candidates for cosmetic surgery can therefore benefit from facial surgery. And for good reason, facial surgery can be intended to reshape an unsightly nose, correct signs of old age or even repair an area of ​​the face that has been damaged following a trauma.  


How much does facial surgery cost in Dominican Republic? 


The price of facial surgery in the Dominican Republic is relatively better. It is thus necessary to count, at least, 2,500 euros for otoplasty and this can go up to 10,000 euros for a cervicofacial lifting at a renowned cosmetic surgeon. 


However, if you can't afford to spend those crazy sums of money on facial surgery, there is an alternative: facial surgery in the Dominican Republic. Indeed, the prices of facial surgeries in the Dominican Republic are, at least, 50% cheaper than in Europe. 


The price of facial surgeries in the Dominican Republic starts at 1190 euros for a blepharoplasty. of both eyelids and can reach 2190 euros for cervicofacial lifting. It is also important to note that these prices include all the costs inherent in the intervention of cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic.


Silhouette Surgeries 


The surgery of the silhouette is especially acclaimed by patients. And for good reason, this category includes all plastic surgery procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the body. It can thus be to remodel it, refine it, or repair certain areas damaged by external factors, for example, following a pregnancy. In detail, the silhouette surgeries include the tummy tuck, the  thigh lift, the lipo filling buttocks, the buttocks augmentation with implants, the increase of the calves, the arm lift or the liposuction all areas (buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, etc)


Who are silhouette surgeries for? 


Like facial surgeries,  silhouette surgeries are aimed at a broad spectrum of patients. Both men and women can thus have body surgery. Patients of all ages, from the age of 18, can also benefit from silhouette surgery. Regarding their expectations, they may concern a desire to sculpt an area, as with buttock lipo filling, or to repair an area with a defect, such as a belly with the tummy tuck. In the end, whatever the expectations of a patient concerning the body, silhouette surgeries make it possible to meet them. 


Breast Surgeries


Breast surgery made the beautiful days of cosmetic surgeons. And for good reason, the breast is considered as the symbol par excellence of femininity, a large number of women resort to an intervention each year to improve their breasts. In addition, breast surgeries concern all plastic surgery procedures relating to the breast, that is, breast augmentation with or without prostheses, breast lipo filling, change of prostheses, breast lift, reduction mammary, or even gynecomastia. Each of these interventions thus has a different vocation: to increase the volume of the breast, to reduce it, to correct its sagging, or even to eliminate an unsightly volume. Known as very effective, breast surgeries are also performed by the majority of cosmetic surgeons. 


Who are breast surgeries for? 


Contrary to what one might think, breast surgeries are not just for women. They can thus also concern men, in particular gynecomastia which makes it possible to correct abnormal development of the breasts in men. In terms of age, the objectives of the various breast surgeries are extremely varied, the profile of patients having recourse to them is also. Young or old, to repair their breasts or increase their size, breast surgeries are shock allies for all patients wishing to improve the appearance of their breasts!


Intimate Surgeries 


Intimate surgery is a sector of cosmetic surgery booming. And for good reason, nowadays, men and women want to improve the appearance of their body in the smallest details and this also goes through the intimate area. Intimate surgery, therefore, concerns different types of interventions, each with different objectives such as improving the aesthetics of their privacy, rejuvenating the intimate area, repairing it, or even lengthening it (for men). In detail, cosmetic surgery operations relating to intimate surgery are lengthening or enlargement penoplasty, vaginoplasty, nymphoplasty, hymenoplasty, and labioplasty. 


Who is intimate surgery for? 


The intimate surgeries are aimed at both men and women although each has interventions dedicated to the beauty of their precious area. Thus, people of both genders, young and old, can resort to intimate surgery to improve the aesthetics of their intimate area. For women, it may be a question of correcting a sagging following pregnancy or reshaping lips considered too large, as, for men, they generally resort to intimate surgery to enlarge in width or in length their penis considered to be too small.