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Already evident during the adolescent period, the tuberous breast is a malformation of the mammary gland, which unexpectedly presents an unusual, elongated, and tubular shape. The problem, exclusively aesthetic, can in some cases represent a real discomfort, a source of embarrassment, especially during that fateful adolescent period in which a path of development, maturation, and acceptance of oneself begins.


For this reason, cosmetic plastic surgery is increasingly used to correct tuberous breasts in Czech Republic.


In fact, the operation allows to obtain a natural and toned appearance, through a remodeling of the breast that does not necessarily involve the addition of silicone implants.


In reality, depending on the specific case, there are different surgical techniques for the correction of tuberous breasts , but all are structured in two fundamental phases.


The first consists in the removal of portions of skin and glandular tissue with the subsequent remodeling of the breast.


The second part of the operation instead involves the repositioning of the entire nipple in its natural location through incisions made in specific points of the breast.


The choice to provide for the insertion or not of prostheses varies according to the specific cases.


With a mammoplasty operation, the results obtained will be more than satisfactory and the patient will be able to say goodbye to the old and now distant tuberous breast.




If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, no one likes a dull look with drooping lids. The possibilities to remedy an aesthetic problem that concerns the ocular area are different offered by both medicine and plastic surgery.


For this reason, future patients are often in doubt as to which of the available aesthetic solutions is most appropriate to resort to get a fresher look. Surgery and aesthetic medicine both guarantee a good final result but each treatment and intervention is always chosen in relation to the patient's needs, her aesthetic conditions, and the pre-surgery consultation with the doctor-surgeon.


Cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic offers blepharoplasty for a new beauty of the gaze, designed to eliminate excess skin, raise eyebrows, and also correct the so-called "bags" under the eyes and dark circles. The surgeon intervenes directly on the upper or lower eyelids through incisions made in strategic positions, such as to hide the presence of scars after the surgery. Blepharoplasty is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or, in some cases, under general anesthesia and the operation can last up to 2 hours.


Aesthetic medicine, on the other hand, offers Botox or botulinum toxin as a treatment to obtain a fresher look, a substance particularly suitable for improving the appearance of dark circles. Furthermore, with Botox, it is possible to reduce part of the wrinkles surrounding the eyes, commonly known as "crow's feet", by lifting the frontal muscle and stretching the skin on the sides of the face.


Blepharoplasty and Botox are both excellent remedies to guarantee a new look but it is not correct to establish which is the title of "best". It is not the technique or the substance that decrees the superiority of one treatment over the other because reaching the goal is what matters and in this case, it is to put the beauty of the eyes in the foreground.




For years, mammoplasty has been the most loved and requested surgery by Czech Republic. 


The technique has been defined as Smart and is based on the studied combination of safe and reliable surgical procedures, which allow reducing intervention times to a minimum. In fact, it takes just 30 minutes in the operating room to get a new breast while for the traditional technique it took at least two hours.


The main technique is the sub muscular dual plane for the insertion of prostheses and allows for to reduce of any risks associated with contractions of the chest muscle. The smart mammoplasty operation also has the advantage of being performed under simple local anesthesia with sedation so as to ensure a reduction in heavy sequelae during hospitalization, typical instead of general anesthesia with intubation.


However, this type of surgery is exclusively indicated for women who intend to increase their breasts by some sizes without changing their shape.


In conclusion, the Beauty Surgery surgeons recall" The result of this approach are extremely short intervention times for a submuscular insertion, of about 30 minutes for both breasts, which also reduces subsequent edema and swelling". Furthermore, for the patient, it will be possible to resume daily life and work as long as these do not involve excessive loads for the arms and pectorals».


Finally, for dressings, containment bandages are used, which are expected to be removed within about a month.




Upon exiting the operating room after plastic surgery, the use of drains may be useful. A long and narrow tube that comes out from a point in the operated area. It almost makes an impression at first sight; but what is it for?


Not everyone knows the contribution that drains make in the post-operative recovery phase and they simply hope that the tube will be removed as soon as possible.


Drains are also often used in aesthetic plastic surgery, such as for a breast lift or mammoplasty to promote rapid healing and avoid complications following the operation.


In fact, the drainages contribute to the leakage of liquids (serum, blood, lymph, intestinal secretions, bile, pus) from the operated area, liquids that if not eliminated in the right time could stagnate causing also important localized infections, delaying the healing of tissues and compromising scarring.


Furthermore, the liquids collected in an external reservoir allow the surgeon to analyze the patient's state of healing, observing their color, nature, and quantity which could vary in situations of post-operative complications. Positioning a drain, therefore, means having an "eye" inside the patient's body to limit possible local alterations related to surgery.


There are different types of drainages, distinguished by shape, size, and material and chosen in relation to the great variety of surgical situations in which their use is indicated.


However, there are some common characteristics and fundamental principles of use that the surgeon should know, since the correct use of the drains influences the success of the surgery.


Plastic Surgery Cost in Czech Republic


Liposuction 1399 Euros

Breast Enlargement 2239 Euros