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Plastic Surgery In Armenia

Plastic Surgery In Armenia


Excess skin of the upper eyelid, tired and heavy look, bags under the eyes or swelling of the upper eyelid, forming the downward eye, are the main imperfections fought by the operation in question.


This treatment is called blepharoplasty and is aimed at rejuvenating the eyes and removing the listed imperfections.


Blepharoplasty is a highly requested intervention in the field of facial plastic surgery, but it is always necessary to rely on an expert surgeon so that there are no harmful consequences.


The surgeon, however, may recommend combining the surgery with a temporal lifting of the eyebrows for a longer-lasting result.


Very often the surgical treatment of the eyelids takes place in a single operating session in Armenia both for the upper and for the lower part (upper and lower blepharoplasty), but it can happen, generally for women around the age of 35, that the upper blepharoplasty is not associated with lower blepharoplasty.


The shape of the eyes is certainly decisive for a harmonious appearance of the face and here, in this regard, the requests differ with respect to the intervention.


In the East, in fact, the treatment is required for a more rounded eye, while in Western countries, the intervention is used for a more elongated shape, the so-called almond shape.


In this regard, a surgical treatment called canthopexy is combined with blepharoplasty. This surgery gives a more elongated shape to the eye but is practiced, generally almost always during a lower blepharoplasty, also to reinforce the tension of the lower eyelid to ensure that it does not fall out. In the first case, we are talking about static canthopexy; in the second, of dynamic canthopexy.


This procedure is also practiced for the decrease in muscle tone of the lower eyelid, the effect of badly performed blepharoplasty.




To achieve a younger face with plastic surgery, sometimes it is not necessary to resort to a facelift that affects the entire face. In some cases, in fact, to correct the wrinkles and small imperfections that characterize it, a "zone lifting" is sufficient.


In particular, if the area of ​​the face to be corrected is that of the peri-orbital area which includes the temples and more generally the upper middle third of the face, it is possible to undergo a temporal lifting operation.


This surgical procedure in fact allows to correct the common imperfections that characterize the area of ​​the temples, to improve the aesthetics of the eye area as well and to obtain a fresher and brighter look. The result of the operation is a general rejuvenation of the face.


Temporal lifting is also frequently combined with eyelid surgery procedures such as upper blepharoplasty or even with a head and neck lift.


But let's move on to the operation.


To "stretch" the facial tissues and obtain a more toned and harmonious appearance, the operation, performed under local anesthesia with sedation, involves incisions made near the scalp. In this way, after the lifting operation, there will be no evident scarring, as they are well hidden in the hair.


As for the post-surgery, swelling and edema of the operated area are absolutely normal and destined to heal in a short time.




For years, rhinoplasty has been the most performed facial surgery intervention in Italy. The operation corrects the aesthetic defects of the nose, giving it a new shape and proportion in harmony with the rest of the face. And for functional defects of the nose?


For those we think an ally of rhinoplasty: let's talk about septoplasty. The intervention, in fact, allows to solve the functional problems of the nose linked to a deformity of the septum which, often deviated, concave or convex, negatively affects breathing.


However, if in some cases the deviation of the septum is also evident on an aesthetic level, in others for a correct diagnosis it is necessary to perform a CT scan of the facial massif in advance. In this way, the surgeon can determine whether or not a septoplasty is sufficient to correct the respiratory problem. Sometimes, in fact, the deviation of the septum can also affect the turbinates, and therefore it is necessary to proceed with a further corrective intervention that can be performed simultaneously with the nasal septum itself.


Septoplasty is also performed in combination with rhinoplasty, especially when the deviation of the septum also affects the aesthetics of the nose.


But how does the intervention take place? Septoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and has a minimum duration of 1 hour. The operation involves incisions inside the nasal cavity, necessary to access the osteo-cartilage component of the septum. At this point, the deviated lamina is corrected and repositioned in the correct position. Once the procedure is completed, a special dressing is applied.


These are specific thin and long iodoform gauzes, used if septoplasty is also performed for the aesthetic correction of the nasal pyramid. A second dressing is instead the tampons, indispensable when the intervention is corrective for the functional purposes of the nose. The latter are not replaceable in such cases.


Plastic Surgery Cost In Armenia


Primary surgery costs can range from $1,500 to $2,000 in AMD equivalent, and revision surgery can cost $2,500 to $4,000 in AMD equivalent.