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VISTADENT orthodontic speciality clinic is providing THE BEST ORTHODONTIC TREATMENTS possible and it is known for its patient.

At VISTADENT dental clinic we provide all the dental services with extreme care and personal interest.
We maintain consistency of doctors, which helps our patie.
nts to have a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while undergoing required treatment, and it will help the patient to followup the treatment in future years comfortably.
At VISTADENT we take extreme care in cleaning and sterilizing the used instruments and our philosophy is “HYGEINE AND HEALTH GO HAND IN HAND”.
We schedule our appointments such that we have enough time to sterilize the instruments before using on next patient.
Our doctors will always give the patient genuine suggestions related to their problems and avoid false promises as they mislead the patient and cause unnecessary complications.
To conclude VISTADENT is not a commercial clinic, and it is a patient friendly clinic and our doctors aim at giving all the patients correct treatment with utmost care and personal interest.
WHY VISTADENT? For hygeinic and patient friendly atmosphere For specialist driven dental treatment For genuine and problem oriented approach of dental specialists what are the specialities of vistadent ? Wide range of orthodontic treatment methods due to the presence of in-house orthodontist Esthetic smile designing done in single visit Single sitting rootcanal treatment Tooth colured fillings and natural appearing crowns and bridges Cost efficient and reliable implants Laser cum Surgery See More

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