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At NuMe, we believe great hair starts with great styling tools.
That’s why we create easy-to-use, technology-driven hair tools that focus on hair health and las.
ting results.
Launching in 2009, NuMe started with a mission to empower women everywhere to become their own favorite stylists without compromising the health of their hair.
It was the start of something special, and as NuMe gained popularity, women who once thought they couldn’t have beautiful hair every day learned how easy it could be to achieve breathtaking results without spending time and money at a salon.
Fast-forward to the present and NuMe is repeatedly recognized by celebrities, beauty editors and social media influencers around the globe.
With over 200 products sold across 30 countries, NuMe has changed the hairstyling game, and we’re committed to delivering only greater products and styling tools with each new line.
Leading the industry by only using pure titanium and tourmaline for our heat styling tools, as well as lush botanicals for our hair care lines, we’ll never stop discovering the next innovations to help every woman attain lustrous, healthy hair.
At NuMe, we want to do more than create fantastic products.
We want to teach and inspire.
Over 200 million YouTube views have made an impression, and industry insiders have started to take notice.
NuMe continues its mission to develop the most innovative styling tools and hair care products using the latest advancements, materials and ingredients.
The brand is committed to providing women with products that won’t cause damage from heat styling while delivering professional-level results they can easily achieve at home.
Find NuMe products at www.
com and at premier beauty retailers everywhere.
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