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Vera Clinic is an international medical tourism company that collaborates with highly accomplished and experienced dentists, hair transplant surgeons, and cosmetology surgeons in Turkey. The high caliber of our medical team combined gave our clinic a well-deserved reputation and placed us as one of the top leading hair transplant and cosmetology centers in Turkey and Europe.

Founded in 2004, we are blessed to have managed to earn the trust of thousands of patients from all around the globe and to have had the opportunity to touch and enhance the quality of that many lives. Our staff is regularly working to provide every individual patient that visits our clinic with an unprecedented level of care and attention in a tranquil environment from the moment of their arrival to their departure.

The surgeons at our clinic are dedicated to bringing our patients the best of surgical and non-surgical hair transplant and cosmetology practices in a-state-of-the-art facility. We aim to stay up to date with new medical advancements and provide our patients with the most recent and minimally invasive surgical procedures in the fields of hair transplant and cosmetology. Furthermore, we are proud to say that our medical team is constantly endeavoring not just to satisfy and meet the needs of our patients, but to exceed their expectations.
At Vera Clinic for hair transplant and cosmetology, we aim to make our patients feel as satisfied and rewarded as possible.

Are you thinking about a hair transplant?

Male pattern hair loss is a very common condition which can affect some men from their early 20s. Around 50% of all men over the age of 50 experience hair loss and this can even result in psychological problems. Once you begin to lose your hair it is worrying, but there are solutions available.

Hair loss can also affect women, as the condition androgenetic alopecia impacts on both men and women. There are solutions that give you back the full head of hair you crave and also offer a lifelong solution to hair loss. Modern hair transplant techniques have a proven track history and are an ideal way to tackle problem hair loss that’s causing lowered self-confidence and social anxiety.

About hair transplants

The sophisticated hair transplant techniques currently available don’t have any side effects and offer guaranteed results within 8 to 14 months. You will find that you experience added confidence and renewed vigor after your hair transplant. It won’t just make you look younger, it will completely boost your lifestyle so you feel much more lively and enthused. All these benefits will impact on your overall appearance and you’re likely to feel much higher levels of happiness and contentment.

Here at Vera Clinic in Istanbul, our surgeons use all the latest hair transplant techniques to offer you the best treatment to suit your needs. Arranging your hair transplant in Turkey also gives you ample opportunity for a much-needed holiday. This means when you return from your break, friends and family will be amazed at your new look.

Get in touch today to book a free consultation and find out all the ways our expert hair transplant surgeons can help you change your life for the better.

What does hair transplant involve?

When you opt for a hair transplant at the Vera Clinic in Turkey you will experience five star treatment for the entire duration of your stay. Our affordable hair transplants carry a lifetime guarantee and are carried out by surgeons possessing all the necessary expertise.

We offer FUE hair transplants and Sapphire FUE transplants, to ensure the best results for all our clients. We also provide hair transplants for women, using the same FUE techniques. Eyebrow and facial hair transplants are also available.

If you don’t want to undergo surgical treatment, you may want to consider the benefits of the PRP therapy we provide.

We’re truly proud of our fantastic 99% success rate for hair transplants, so why not get in touch to find out more?

Anybody in a good state of health and above the age of 18 can have hair transplant surgery. There are no existing risks involved with surgery of this nature.

The steps involved in hair transplant are detailed below:

1. Treatment duration is just three days in total

2. Surgery takes between six and ten hours in total and you will just require local anaesthetic

3. It will take between seven to ten days to recover fully from your operation

4. You can expect the best results to be apparent within eight to 14 months of the date of your transplant

Reasons to choose the Vera Clinic for hair transplant in Turkey

When you opt for a hair transplant at the Vera Clinic you can rest assured that we will always offer the best attention and go the extra mile to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible. Medical tourism is increasingly popular and offers you all the benefits associated with recovery in a comfortable location, away from the stresses you may experience at home.

Our affordable hair transplants include all your accommodation, transport, translation services and the best possible care after your procedure has taken place.

You will find our prices are much lower than elsewhere in Europe or the United States, yet we don’t compromise at all on the quality of service provided. All our clinicians have the essential expertise in the wide range of hair transplant techniques we provide, and this professionalism extends to nursing teams and support services we provide as well. We’re so convinced of your satisfaction that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our hair transplants.

All our patients receive a thorough briefing on the surgery they will undergo and full education about their underlying condition and the possibilities of any future health problems down the line. This way we can be assured that you understand all the essential steps for achieving the best results and any concerns you may have are addressed during your stay. Our education programme is an essential aspect of our service and all our medical teams will be happy to talk you through absolutely every step of your proposed treatment and answer all your questions, at any time.

And, finally, our clinic is Joint Commission International (JCI) certified. This means we only contract with JCI-certified medical clinics and treatment centres, so you can rest assured of the quality and standards that will be adhered to throughout your hair transplant operation and ongoing medical care. We’re fully committed to patient safety and transparency and, if you need to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our hair transplant treatments

FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants are the most common procedure for men and women. And, offer almost 100% guaranteed success rates. This procedure entails techniques for removing hair follicles in other areas of the head and transplanting them into the hair loss locations. All our highly skilled surgeons utilise the most sophisticated methods and equipment throughout our FUE transplants.

One major benefit of FUE transplants is that there is no noticeable linear scarring after surgery, which means FUE is ideal for clients who like short or shaved hair styles. Some of our patients have already been through hair transplants and find it has caused some tight feelings to the scalp, our FUE techniques remedy this. FUE hair transplants are also ideal for clients who don’t have a good deal of hair loss, but want to address problem areas using a procedure that is not too intensive.

Hair transplants for men

As already noted, you can opt for our popular three-step FUE transplant or our Sapphire FUE transplant.

Our FUE transplant is ideal for localised hair loss as a result of scarring, male pattern baldness or alopecia. At the time of your visit, our surgeons carry out a final comprehensive assessment of your scalp to ensure your suitability for the transplant. You can find out more about our FUE transplants.

The Sapphire FUE transplant we offer is very similar to standard FUE, however, the operation involves use of top quality sapphire blades rather than the stainless steel blades used in standard operations. Sapphire blades are used to make the incisions prior to the transplantation. Their V-shaping means the incision is more accurate and smaller, which can result in less irritation to any neighbouring hair follicles and lower risks of scarring. This technique is ideal for men or women with recent hair loss, and a high density of remaining hair. Find out more about our advanced Sapphire FUE transplants.

Hair transplants for women

Our hair transplant for women uses similar techniques to FUE transplants for men. It entails the extraction of hair follicles from dense areas of hair on the scalp and their transplantation into balding areas. This regenerates long-lasting hair growth in all problem areas. Our professional FUE transplants offer the most natural looks and minimal levels of scarring after the procedure. The surgery entails very little pain or discomfort and recovery is swift. You can discover more about reasons to opt for our successful hair transplants for women here.

Non surgical PRP therapy for hair loss

PRP therapy is becoming very popular with clients who don’t want to undergo surgery for hair loss. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments involve collecting plasma from your blood and injecting this into areas showing signs of hair loss. Plasma is very rich in platelets and can stimulate hair regrowth. This kind of treatment is ideal for anybody experiencing hair loss or thinning, or as a follow-on treatment for FUE transplant patients.

If you decide to opt for PRP therapy, we recommend monthly treatments for at least three or four months, followed by regular top ups every three to six months. Find out more about PRP therapy at our clinic in Turkey here.

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