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Our center, which was opened in March 2019, is located in Yeşilköy which is one of the most popular and decent places of Istanbul, where the sea and the sky meet with green, located between the two blue, with the aesthetic texture and the stance of the Nazen, it is figuring the supply with the twinkling like isi in th ‘. . With the freshness of the ocean and the sky, the color of the ıyla turquoise ün corporate color, which is the color of the sun and the blue of the emerald green in the blue; Istanbul’s unique beauty, the universality of the stars and the sun is to bring together a smile. In the immediate vicinity of the airport and the subway, with ease of transportation in and out of the country and comfortable five-star hotel with comfortable accommodation in the same garden; aims to be a pioneer with international reference approaches in. hair transplantation and aesthetic applications hedefle in high quality standards. In an environment where trees extending across the road greet you, by breathing plenty of air from oxygen, in a place with no noise, calm, aesthetic and beauty feeling, Istanbul offers the opportunity to benefit from health service by experiencing all the beauty of the city with your soul. Technological applications of high standards, quality-oriented and touching human hearts before the ”smiling service dok policy aims to be one of the best hospitals in the industry. To provide health service in accordance with ethical principles with mak integrative and correct communication approaches almak and ve to add value to science and art with aesthetics and beauty philosophy sosyal is among our priority values.


私たちのセンターは、医療機関の中でも、その広々とした現代的なデザイン、美的なデザイン、そして物理的な特徴において、最も人気のある場所の一つです。 2 階と 2 段階の分離した 2 段階 300 平方メートル ( 約 3000 平方メートル ) で構成される第 2 段階の総面積は、面積 6000 平方メートルのトルコ最大のプラスチックの手術の震源地となる。 25 本の髪形の移植室、 2 室の手術室、 8 つの観察と患者用の医療室、医療用の美学とヘアトランスプランテーション・アプリケーション、胃のボトックス・アプリケーション、オラルと歯科医療ユニット、 Jaw 外科、レコンストラクション、緊急サービス、栄養学、栄養学、麻酔、内科、医療研究所、メディカル・イメージング、セントラルステリゼーション・ユニットの各ユニットを除く。 30 人のコールセンターを利用して、 10 の言語で国際サービスを提供している。


With the advancement of technology, there are new developments in hair transplantation methods and hair loss treatments. FUE method, which is one of the most effective and result-oriented hair transplantation techniques which is widely applied today, has taken its success one step further with sapphire tipped special pen and with sapphire fue hair transplantation method.

DHI ヘイル・トランスプランテーション

DHI technique unlike FUE technique, hair follicles taken from the donor area can be described as a method in which two stages take place at the same time as implanting the implanted area without opening the canal with the implant. The Choi needle has a very thin, cylindrical and sharp tip in shape. This Choi needle with a cylindrical tip is in the form of a channel and can be inserted into the needle by driving the hair along this channel. DHI technique is also referred to as Choi method because of the nature of this needle.

FUE ヘアー移植

Hair transplantation can be expressed as ‘permanent solution of hair loss problem. Hair transplantation is a microsurgical operation performed in a hospital environment and the term micro surgery refers to hair transplantation with much less interventions than a normal operation in hair transplantation. Hair transplant operation is the most effective and permanent solution of male pattern hair loss, but other than that even those who have scars or hair loss due to various hair diseases can easily do this operation.


シリコンによる乳房拡大 : 最も一般的に使用される乳房拡大法である。 シリコンの使用は、生命に対して保証され、必要な長さの乳房体積、低反応性のリスクを持ち、母乳授乳には効果がないという利点があります。 その欠点は、外国人であることから、長期的な害があるかどうかについてまだ決定されていないということです。

手術は麻酔の下で行われる。 平均では 1時間から2 時間かかる。 病院ではお休みのために入院することをお勧めします。 手術後 1 か月以内に着用しなければならない。 その運動選手のブラはそれをやる。


During rhinoplasty, a plastic surgeon or ENT specialist makes incisions into the nose or the upper skin of the nose using open or closed techniques to access the cartilage and bones supporting the nose. The incisions are usually attempted to be made into the nose as much as possible to avoid scarring after the operation. After the surgeon rearranges and reshapes the bone and cartilage, that is to make it suitable for the structure of the nose, final arrangements are made. Approximately 6 months after the operation, the patient begins to see the nose shape more clearly.


Vaser Liposuction provides a permanent removal of hereditary oils for individuals who have fat in certain parts of their body and who have weight problems. It is not possible for us to dissolve hereditary oils accumulated in years and even with sports. Therefore, applications such as liposuction will remove a major obstacle in front of us. Applicable for both male and female individuals especially; 1. Abdominal 2. Waist 3. Back 4. legs 5. Chest 6. Jowl 7. Arm The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The patient returns to his / her daily life in a short time and permanently gets rid of excess fat. The healing process is short, using some medical corsets is recommended. Recently, liposuction, which is one of the most applied aesthetic operations, has made many people smile.


すべてのパッケージには 4から5 個のスター・ホテルと輸送


* ホテルが必要ないなら、価格を下げることができる


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